Cost Savings for Institutions

Let us do the work for you. National collaborative programs offer competitive purchasing power tailored to the needs of today’s campuses. Reduce administrative burden knowing that due diligence in selecting a vendor has been done for you.


Lower product costs and reduce time developing and conducting an RFP process across a range of technological products and services including, but not limited to:

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We monitor every contract on an annual basis to ensure that vendor offerings are kept current and that new features are added as the market demands. New contracts are constantly in development, so you can look forward to a steady stream of market leaders on these pages.

New England Colleges and universities; K-12 Districts and entities; city, county, and state government, and some non-profit organizations purchasing computers, software, printers and other products are eligible.

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Master Property Program

Best value at a very competitive cost: Broad coverage meets the special needs of participating institutions, reducing and stabilizing costs over time.

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Student Health Insurance

A comprehensive solution to respond to increasing costs and concern for student health underwritten nationally by United Healthcare Student Resources:

  • Administrative process streamlined with customized site with your institution’s branding
  • Benefits and services include coverage for a wide array of students groups
  • Purchasing power to public and private non-for-profit higher education institutions in New England
  • Campuses that purchase insurance directly from carriers and campuses that utilize brokers are both eligible to participate

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Cyber Insurance

Tailored to deliver the right mix of risk transfer and advisory solutions, this program analyzes the threat environment, assesses vulnerabilities and determines how much financial exposure an institution may face:

  • Network security
  • Privacy
  • Regulatory defense
  • Property loss

Data provides benchmarking on how much coverage institutions of similar risk are purchasing.

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For questions about these programs please reach out Genevieve Davis at gdavis [at] nebhe [dot] org.

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