Tuition and Fees Report, 2007-08 through 2012-13

2012 Tuition & Fees Report

Note: NEBHE's 2012 Tuition and Fee Report was updated in March 2013.

NEBHE's 2012 Tuition and Fee Report covers tuition and fee rates at New England's public colleges and universities from the academic year 2007-2008 through 2012-13. By examining trends in published tuition and fee rates, this report seeks to shed light on the price and affordability of postsecondary education in the region.

Key Findings

  • Average in-state tuition and mandatory fees at New England public four-year institutions rose 36% ($2,617) between 2007 and 2012. Public two-year institutions raised in-state tuition and mandatory fees an average of 27% ($942).
  • Out-of-state tuition and mandatory fees at New England public institutions increased even more than in-state rates, increasing $4,228 (26%) on average at public four-year institutions and $1,639 (19%) at two-year institutions.
  • 2011 median household income in the region still hadn’t reached 2008 pre-recession levels, causing some students to spend a greater share of their household income on listed tuition and mandatory fee rates than in previous years.

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Please direct questions and comments about this report to Monnica Chan, Director of Policy and Research at mchan [at] nebhe [dot] org or 617-357-9620 ext. 130.

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