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I Wish My College Knew …

by Cecilia Le
October 12, 2017

We asked thousands of college students what they wish their college knew. Here’s what they said … Every year, Denver teacher Kyle Schwartz invites her third-graders to share...

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Race-Baiting on Campus: A College President Speaks Up About Diversity

by Stephen J. Nelson
October 6, 2017

A college president spoke up to his students and campus community the other day. His concern was a timely topic: race and race relations, bigotry and racial slurs. And who was...

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Early to College, Likely to Rise? Benefits and Challenges of Early College Programs

by Daniel Regan
September 28, 2017

Look around your campus this semester for some students who look unusually young, eager and attentive. It may not be, as faculty sometimes say, that “the students are looking...

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Providing Transparency to the Title IX Process

by Terry Hartle
September 25, 2017

When U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced Sept. 7 that her department would revisit how Title IX rules are enforced with respect to campus sexual assault, she said...

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Campuses Look to Keep Green Energy Efforts Out of the Red

by Amy Hahn
September 19, 2017

It is difficult to travel on any road today without seeing solar panels on the rooftops of houses, larger solar farms across vast fields or wind turbines in the distance. With...

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Mills to Leave UMass Boston Interim Chancellorship After Less Than Year

by John O. Harney
October 17, 2017

Mills Comings and Goings ... Barry Mills, the former Bowdoin College president who became interim chancellor of the University of Massachusetts Boston in July after the resignation...

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DeVos Opens Public Comment Period on “Secretary’s Vision”

by The New England Council
October 16, 2017

DC Shuttle ... Ed Secy Outlines Priorities. U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos outlined her vision and policy priorities for education in the U.S. In a document published in...

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White House Extends Ed Commissions, Aid to Hurricane Areas

by The New England Council
October 10, 2017

DC Shuttle ... Executive Order Extends Presidential Commissions on Education. President Trump signed an executive order extending three presidential advisory commissions on education...

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Women Will Lead All Five Vermont State Colleges; Grant Back to New England

by John O. Harney
October 3, 2017

Scolforo Comings and Goings ... The Vermont State College System appointed Central Penn College President Karen Scolforo to be the next leader of Castleton University, succeeding...

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Loan Program for Low-Income Students Left to Die

by The New England Council
October 2, 2017

DC Shuttle ... Perkins Loan Program Expires. The federal Perkins Loan program expired with the end of the fiscal year on Saturday night. More than 200 House lawmakers asked leadership...

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