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    Systemic Inequity

    by Linda F. Nathan

    "Money, white privilege and the ethos of meritocracy have created extraordinary barriers for too many," writes Linda F. Nathan, founding headmaster of Boston Arts Academy. Nathan, author of When Grit Isn't Enough: A High School Principal Examines How Poverty and Inequality Thwart the College-for-All Promise, suggests ways to alleviate financial constraints facing low-income students, first-generation students and students of color.
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    Now Available: 2018 Guide to New England Colleges & Universities

    by Wendy Lindsay

    NEBHE's new Guide to New England Colleges & Universities lists key data including application deadlines and acceptance rates; faculty-student ratios; enrollment breakdowns; cost of attendance; and degrees offered.
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    I Wish My College Knew …

    by Cecilia Le

    Boston-based Persistence Plus asked college students to finish the sentence "I wish my college knew ..." Cecilia Le, director of strategic engagement at the outfit, describes the students' moving answers, including: "I take care of my very ill partner, work full time, am a full-time mom and study full time" and "I'm determined to finish my degree even though I have two children under five and work full time."
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    NEBHE Releases Statement Calling on Congress to Legislate Permanent Protection for DACA Participants

    by NEBHE Staff

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    “Dreamers” Are at the Heart of the American Dream

    by Elsa Núñez

    Talented students who were born abroad but raised in the U.S. without legal status are caught in the tangled web of immigration reform. Eastern Connecticut State University President Elsa Núñez explains how Eastern is aiding Dreamers who bring the U.S. diversity of culture, religion, race and political thought ... to say nothing of key economic contributions.
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    Collaborating to Cut Costs in Higher Education

    by Tracy Hassett

    Colleges face increased scrutiny to bring costs under control. Some are hiring more part-time workers to avoid offering a full-time benefits package. Others limit benefits they offer employees. Still others are trying something new in higher education: collaborating on health insurance.
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The Journal

Leadership in Higher Education Is Due for a Change: Co-Presidents (Really)

by Karen Gross
February 19, 2018

Harvard University recently appointed a new president, Larry Bacow. He’s a well-known, highly regarded leader, having spent the better part of his adult life in educational administration....

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New Models at Lasell: Q&A with President Michael Alexander

by John O. Harney interviews Michael Alexander
February 13, 2018

NEJHE Executive Editor John O. Harney had the chance to catch up with Lasell College President Michael Alexander about the small Newton, Mass. college’s plans to challenge the...

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Organized Anarchies: 13 Steps to Building a “Learning Organization”

by Gavin Henning
February 5, 2018

In many ways, higher education has not changed in the nearly 1,000 years since the first university was founded in Bologna, Italy in 1088. Many courses still have professors or...

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Innovation and Accreditation: A Natural Pairing?

by Mark LaCelle-Peterson
January 30, 2018

Accreditation has been in the hot seat of late. It is both faulted for being asked to do too much—serving a “regulation-by-other-means” function as gatekeeper for federal...

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John Hennessey, Barrier Breaker

by Stephen J. Nelson
January 26, 2018

John Hennessey lived a remarkable, full life as a professor, as a leader in his field of management and business, and moral, ethical leadership, and as dean at Dartmouth College’s...

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Harvard Taps Former Tufts Leader Bacow as New Prez; Pantic to Leave Wentworth Helm in 2019 … Both Former NEJHE Authors

by John O. Harney
February 20, 2018

Bacow Comings and Goings ... Lawrence Bacow, former Tufts president, was named the next president of Harvard University, succeeding Drew Gilpin Faust, who became Harvard's first...

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Flattening the U.S. Department of Education

by The New England Council
February 20, 2018

DC Shuttle ... Administration Planning Education Department Reorganization. The Trump administration is proposing a major overhaul of the U.S. Education Department's organizational...

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Transfer: A Next Generation Convening (Video)

by Emily Decatur
February 13, 2018

New England higher education professionals gathered last month at NEBHE's Next Generation Transfer event at the College of the Holy Cross and called for increased open discussion...

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Funded Government Back Till March 23; No Fix for DACA Yet

by The New England Council
February 12, 2018

DC Shuttle ... Bipartisan Budget Act Adds Ed Funding. Following a short government shutdown overnight, both chambers voted to approve spending for the federal government. The...

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Bentley Taps National Biz Education Leader for Prez; Saint Mike’s Hires Its First Woman Chief

by John O. Harney
February 6, 2018

Davis-Blake Comings and Goings ... Bentley University appointed Alison Davis-Blake, the former dean of the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business and the University of...

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