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    Now Available: 2018 Guide to New England Colleges & Universities

    by Wendy Lindsay

    NEBHE's new Guide to New England Colleges & Universities lists key data including application deadlines and acceptance rates; faculty-student ratios; enrollment breakdowns; cost of attendance; and degrees offered.
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    I Wish My College Knew …

    by Cecilia Le

    Boston-based Persistence Plus asked college students to finish the sentence "I wish my college knew ..." Cecilia Le, director of strategic engagement at the outfit, describes the students' moving answers, including: "I take care of my very ill partner, work full time, am a full-time mom and study full time" and "I'm determined to finish my degree even though I have two children under five and work full time."
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    NEBHE Releases Statement Calling on Congress to Legislate Permanent Protection for DACA Participants

    by NEBHE Staff

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    “Dreamers” Are at the Heart of the American Dream

    by Elsa Núñez

    Talented students who were born abroad but raised in the U.S. without legal status are caught in the tangled web of immigration reform. Eastern Connecticut State University President Elsa Núñez explains how Eastern is aiding Dreamers who bring the U.S. diversity of culture, religion, race and political thought ... to say nothing of key economic contributions.
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    Collaborating to Cut Costs in Higher Education

    by Tracy Hassett

    Colleges face increased scrutiny to bring costs under control. Some are hiring more part-time workers to avoid offering a full-time benefits package. Others limit benefits they offer employees. Still others are trying something new in higher education: collaborating on health insurance.
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    Sanctuary … and Other Notes from the NEJHE Beat …

    by John O. Harney

    Many college students greeted the election of Donald Trump with walkouts, and several New England campuses explored seeking "sanctuary" status for immigrants, a designation the Trump campaign pledged to end. NEJHE Editor John O. Harney reports on higher ed's reactions to the election as well as other news in innovation and workforce talent.
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The Journal

College “Valuations” Redux

by Marc Rubin
December 11, 2017

The 2018 Guide to New England Colleges & Universities data published by Boston magazine in association with the New England Board of Higher Education provided me the opportunity...

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Systemic Inequity

by Linda F. Nathan
December 1, 2017

Everyone knows money is important. For those privileged to have enough of it, money is not an obstacle for living a decent life or for college access. My husband and I frequently...

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Shortsighted Tax Policy: Senate and House Tax Reform Bills Would Increase Burdens on Universities and Students

by Matthew A. Morris
November 28, 2017

If there is one area of common ground between the Republican leadership in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, it is that the time has finally come for those entities...

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Chance of Tweetstorms

by John O. Harney
November 14, 2017

In the spring, we ran a piece titled Real Tweets, Fake News … and More from the NEJHE Beat. We noted that every NEJHE item automatically posts to Twitter, but that we also use...

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Accept Yourself, Reject the Bullying

by Sam Sisakhti
October 31, 2017

The childhood bullying that once tormented kids at school is now following them home via social media and the internet. For many people growing up, being teased was almost a rite...

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John King Jr. on Segregation (Video Snippets from NEBHE’s Summit on Employability: A National Imperative)

by John O. Harney
December 11, 2017

Video snippets from NEBHE's Summit on Employability: A National Imperative ... Former U.S. Secretary of Education John King Jr., now president and CEO of The Education Trust, spoke...

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Tax Bill Moving Despite Widespread Opposition

by The New England Council
December 11, 2017

DC Shuttle ... Tax Bill Moves Forward Despite Educators' Resistance. Both the U.S. House and Senate voted to go to conference on their versions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The...

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Elsa Núñez on Internships with Business … and for Equity (Video snippets from NEBHE’s Summit on Employability: A National Imperative)

by John O. Harney
December 8, 2017

Video snippets from NEBHE's Summit on Employability: A National Imperative ... Eastern Connecticut State University President Elsa Núñez led a session at the Dec. 4 Summit about...

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Draft HEA Reauthorization Would Nix Some Loan Forgiveness, Nip Some of Secretary’s Authority

by The New England Council
December 4, 2017

DC Shuttle ... House Ed and Workforce Releases Draft HEA Reauthorization. Republican leadership of the U.S. House Committee on Education and the Workforce released a bill that...

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Announcing the NEBHE-Chinese Government Scholarship!

by Emily Decatur
November 30, 2017

Apply now for 2018-19 scholarship. The New England Board of Higher Education is pleased to announce the NEBHE-Chinese Government Scholarship, a timely opportunity for New England...

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