• Cheerful teacher holding book and teaching in the classroom

    Evidence-Based Research: The Impact of the College Crusade GEAR UP Program in RI

    by Neeta P. Fogg and Paul E. Harrington

    The federal GEAR UP program in Rhode Island led to big advantages in persistence through the middle and high school years, high school graduation and college enrollment.
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  • BIF and the Brains

    by John O. Harney

    A young man videotapes his own brain surgery to lead a call for more access to patient medical records ... a woman trades in a Wall Street career to help ex-cons start businesses ... a team of undocumented immigrants from a high-poverty school designs an underwater robot out of scavenged parts that ends up beating the ExxonMobil-sponsored MIT entry. A dispatch on BIF ...
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  • Student at work

    Cheating, Student Authentication and Proctoring in Online Programs

    by Dennis Berkey and Jay Halfond

    Student honesty is a prerequisite for the credibility of online programs. But the public and many faculty believe it's easier to cheat and more common in online courses than on campus. Two experts describe what's being done to address the problem.
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  • Old vintage wooden abacus.

    Reducing Math Obstacles to Higher Education

    by Tony Dreyfus and Yves Salomon-Fernandez

    Math skills are critical in an increasingly high-skill, technological and global economy. But when math is viewed as a proxy for intelligence and academic ability, it becomes an impediment to further education, family-sustaining jobs and careers.
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  • classroom seats

    Trying Times for “HEIs”

    by John O. Harney

    Higher education institutions (HEIs) face threats based on shifts in academic content and delivery (increasingly online), student demography (diversifying but shrinking) and institutional finances (challenged). NEJHE notes how a stream of news items from one week seemed to confirm HEI vulnerability.
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  • Students standing on walkways at university, elevated view

    Collaborating on Tuition and Financial Aid Is Critical to the Region

    by Gretchen Syverud

    Some states pursue a "high-tuition-high-aid" model in which college tuition and state grant aid awards are higher than average. Others employ a "low-tuition-low-aid" model. New England tends to be marked by the model that is toughest on students and families: "high-tuition-low aid."
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The Journal

Pushing Back on Idea of Learner-Centered Institutions

by George McCully
November 6, 2015

It is time to push back at least a little on this very fashionable rubric. While the NEBHE Conference on the subject was generally excellent, especially in the morning, its uncritical...

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Center of Attention: Learners

by John O. Harney
November 3, 2015

Last week, NEBHE convened 300 or so educators and policy leaders for a gathering in Boston on “Learner-Centered Institutions: The Future of Higher Education.” One key question...

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Encourage the Entrepreneur (but Don’t Discourage the Young Poet)

by Marc A. vanderHeyden
October 27, 2015

Observations of a retired college president ... I am sure you've heard colleagues when they return from sabbatical surprised by how much their institutions changed while they...

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Trafficking in Economic Forecasts

by John O. Harney
October 20, 2015

NEEP delivers latest forecast ... this time with a special focus on infrastructure … Is it because the economy is not in crash mode (we don’t think) that the crowd at the...

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The Future is Now: First-Generation Students, Community Engagement and Innovative Institutions

by Leigh Cherry, Meggan Lloyd and Jonas Prida
October 13, 2015

Compare the typical college campus today with one 30 years ago, and some stark differences become apparent. More students than ever are enrolling in college; however, graduation...

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Bill Would Bar Feds from Mandating Common Core

by The New England Council
November 23, 2015

DC Shuttle ... House and Senate Conference Pass No Child Left Behind Reform. A Senate and House Conference Committee approved legislation which would reauthorize the Elementary...

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A Strategic Idea

by NEBHE Staff
November 17, 2015

NEBHE president proposes a "sweet spot" between consortia and mergers ... The TIAA-CREF Institute has published a report by New England Board of Higher Education (NEBHE) President...

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Westfield State Names its First Latino Prez; Walczak to Chair Bunker Hill Trustees; Hassan Will Head Study Abroad Group

by John O. Harney
November 17, 2015

Torrecilha Comings and Goings ... Westfield State University's Board of Trustees recommended Ramon S. Torrecilha, a professor of sociology and former provost and vice president...

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New Pressure on For-Profit Colleges

by The New England Council
November 16, 2015

DC Shuttle ... Administration Calls for For-Profit College Legislation. The Washington Post details how the Obama administration is pressuring Congress to pass legislation to...

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More Light on Accreditation

by The New England Council
November 9, 2015

DC Shuttle ... Education Department Announces New Rules for Accreditors. The U.S. Education Department announced "a series of executive actions to improve accreditors' and the...

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