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    What Philanthropy’s Paradigm Shift Means for Higher Ed Fundraising

    by George McCully

    Philanthropy and higher ed are in "paradigm shifts." Philanthropy's was triggered by increasing technology and the spread of wealth to younger hands; higher ed's by a "failing business model."
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  • Students standing on walkways at university, elevated view

    Collaborating on Tuition and Financial Aid Is Critical to the Region

    by Gretchen Syverud

    Some states pursue a "high-tuition-high-aid" model in which college tuition and state grant aid awards are higher than average. Others employ a "low-tuition-low-aid" model. New England tends to be marked by the model that is toughest on students and families: "high-tuition-low aid."
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    Small Colleges Can Survive Despite Challenging Circumstances

    by Maurits van Rooijen

    Endowment-poor small colleges are discovering there is a limit to raising tuition prices. Prospective students no longer automatically line up to enroll. And once the “at risk” notice is up, the perceived deficiency becomes self-fulfilling. One solution: "cooperatives" of boutique universities.
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    More History Please

    by John O. Harney

    We've enriched our website with the history of New England higher education and the economy. For the complete archive of back issues of The New England Journal of Higher Education (formerly Connection) in PDF format, please visit www.nebhe.org/nejhe/archives.
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  • Roy Y. Chan - Group Photo NEBHE Annual Guide

    2015 Guide to New England Colleges Helps Students

    by Wendy Lindsay

    Students in Boston College's Splash program and teacher Roy Y. Chan armed with the 2015 Guide to New England Colleges and Universities. The Guide, produced in association with Boston magazine, features listings for more than 250 New England colleges and universities and an overview of financial aid and NEBHE’s tuition-saving Regional Student Program. Visit www.nebhe.org/guide.
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    Climate Controlled?

    by John O. Harney

    NEJHE reports from the 2014 Presidential Summit on Climate Leadership. Climate change's impacts on energy, agriculture and extreme heat will cascade. Expect more 'heat stroke days' when the body cannot cool itself off by perspiring, which will mean lost labor productivity (especially in states with lots of outdoor work) as well as more air conditioning and so demand for more power plants, which incidentally are mostly built along rising seas.
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The Journal

Brand-Building for Innovators

by Roger Sametz
July 27, 2015

Not too many years ago, a school’s brand just was. Few people used the “b” word. A college or university went about its business, became known for particular strengths and...

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Cheating, Student Authentication and Proctoring in Online Programs

by Dennis Berkey and Jay Halfond
July 20, 2015

“Without having to miss out on fun, just outsource your test to us, an expert will take it and you will get the awesome grade that you deserve. All at prices you will not believe....

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Book Review: Dean of Women’s Deans

by Jane Sjogren O’Neil
July 7, 2015

Deans of Women and the Feminist Movement: Emily Taylor’s Activism, Kelly C. Sartorius, Palgrave MacMillan Press (Historical Studies in Education) St. Martin’s Press, 2014. Remember...

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The Short Life of a Provost: A Q&A on New Challenges for Chief Academic Officers

by John O. Harney, James Martin and James E. Samels
June 29, 2015

Whether dean, provost, or vice president for academic affairs, the role of the campus chief academic officer (CAO) has changed steadily from the on many current faculty and administrators...

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Reducing Math Obstacles to Higher Education

by Tony Dreyfus and Yves Salomon-Fernandez
June 22, 2015

The last few months have brought changes in the leadership of public education in Massachusetts. The new secretary of education and chair of the Board of Higher Education both...

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HELP Focuses on Sexual Assault; Pell for Prisoners Plan Catches Flak

by The New England Council
August 3, 2015

DC Shuttle ... Shining Light on Campus Sexual Assault. The Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee held a hearing on reauthorizing the Higher Education Act...

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Ashby’s Pine Manor Redux

by John O. Harney
July 27, 2015

Comings and Goings ... Pine Manor College appointed President Emerita Rosemary Ashby to return to the college as interim president, succeeding E. Joseph Lee. Ashby was president...

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In HEA Talks, a Call for More Experiments

by The New England Council
July 27, 2015

DC Shuttle ... Higher Education Act Reauthorization and Innovation. The Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions (HELP) Committee held a hearing entitled "Reauthorizing the...

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Community Colleges Are Key Senders and Receivers of Transfer Students, Says Nat’l Report

by Gretchen Syverud
July 21, 2015

Community colleges are often touted as a smart first step on the way to a four-year college, but they are frequently the destination of students transferring from four-year colleges...

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Bipartisan Spirit is Elementary … and Secondary

by The New England Council
July 20, 2015

DC Shuttle ... Senate Passes ESEA Reauthorization. The Senate passed the Every Child Achieves Act (S. 1177), by a vote of 81 to 17, after debating the overhaul and amendments all...

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