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    Systemic Inequity

    by Linda F. Nathan

    "Money, white privilege and the ethos of meritocracy have created extraordinary barriers for too many," writes Linda F. Nathan, founding headmaster of Boston Arts Academy. Nathan, author of When Grit Isn't Enough: A High School Principal Examines How Poverty and Inequality Thwart the College-for-All Promise, suggests ways to alleviate financial constraints facing low-income students, first-generation students and students of color.
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    Now Available: 2018 Guide to New England Colleges & Universities

    by Wendy Lindsay

    NEBHE's new Guide to New England Colleges & Universities lists key data including application deadlines and acceptance rates; faculty-student ratios; enrollment breakdowns; cost of attendance; and degrees offered.
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    I Wish My College Knew …

    by Cecilia Le

    Boston-based Persistence Plus asked college students to finish the sentence "I wish my college knew ..." Cecilia Le, director of strategic engagement at the outfit, describes the students' moving answers, including: "I take care of my very ill partner, work full time, am a full-time mom and study full time" and "I'm determined to finish my degree even though I have two children under five and work full time."
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    NEBHE Releases Statement Calling on Congress to Legislate Permanent Protection for DACA Participants

    by NEBHE Staff

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    “Dreamers” Are at the Heart of the American Dream

    by Elsa Núñez

    Talented students who were born abroad but raised in the U.S. without legal status are caught in the tangled web of immigration reform. Eastern Connecticut State University President Elsa Núñez explains how Eastern is aiding Dreamers who bring the U.S. diversity of culture, religion, race and political thought ... to say nothing of key economic contributions.
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    Collaborating to Cut Costs in Higher Education

    by Tracy Hassett

    Colleges face increased scrutiny to bring costs under control. Some are hiring more part-time workers to avoid offering a full-time benefits package. Others limit benefits they offer employees. Still others are trying something new in higher education: collaborating on health insurance.
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The Journal

Transforming Teachers, Departments and Schools: Brain-based Program Breaks Boundaries and Overcomes Limitations

by Matt Robinson
January 16, 2018

As English Language Arts and Math continue to be touted as top priorities, and as the assessment of related skills takes up more and more time in many schools, teachers are left...

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The Employability Imperative: A Pioneer in Job Guarantees Sweetens Offerings with Cybersecurity, Golf-Readiness

by Laurie Lachance
January 8, 2018

New England has a rich history of innovation and economic prosperity due, in part, to the fact that our region is home to some of the nation’s most prestigious higher education...

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Learning from a Moonshot: What’s Next for College Summer Reading?

by Alexandra Coso Strong and Caitrin Lynch
January 2, 2018

Each year, colleges around the nation select a common reading book for their incoming students or, in the case of our institution, for the entire college community. In 2017, our...

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The Rotary that Leads to Career Success for Graduates

by Susan Sandler Brennan
December 18, 2017

Working in college career services, I see companies recognizing that the path from college to career has shifted from a one-way to a two-way street where employers and students...

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Insuring Student Safety on Campus and Abroad

by John Cerasani
December 17, 2017

College campuses are not immune to mounting safety and security concerns that stem from international and domestic terror threats, active shooter situations and more. Parents of...

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House Bill to Reauthorize Higher Ed Act Would Squeeze Traditional Colleges

by The New England Council
January 16, 2018

DC Shuttle ... Response and Debate Follow Committee Passing of HEA Reauthorization. The House bill (H.R. 4508) to reauthorize the Higher Education Act would overhaul the federal...

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by John O. Harney
January 9, 2018

Isaak Comings and Goings ... Midwestern Higher Education Compact (MHEC) President Larry Isaak announced he'll retire as MHEC president, effective Nov. 16, 2018, after nearly 15...

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Experts Speak on Educating Workers for the Digital Economy (Video)

by John O. Harney
December 22, 2017

Video snippets from NEBHE's Summit on Employability: A National Imperative ... NEBHE’s Dec. 4, 2017 Summit included a session on "Educating Workers for the Digital Economy."...

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Southern Cal’s Bensimon on Measuring Equity (Video)

by John O. Harney
December 18, 2017

Video snippets from NEBHE's Summit on Employability: A National Imperative ... Estela Mara Bensimon, founder and director of the Center for Urban Education at the University of...

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Opening Scenes in Higher Ed Act

by The New England Council
December 18, 2017

DC Shuttle ... House Education and Workforce Committee Passes HEA Reauthorization. The House Education and the Workforce Committee marked up and passed legislation to reauthorize...

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