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Index of Articles / Authors from The New England Journal of Higher Education (formerly Connection: The Journal of the New England Board of Higher Education)

Academic Workplace

Not Just a Job (Excerpt), Philip G. Altbach, Fall 2004
A Committed Life, Jonathan Spiro (Excerpt), Summer 2004
Academic Couples (Books), Cynthia Goheen, 2004
Half-Full or Half-Empty? How Institutional Cooperation Could Turn a Wave of Faculty Retirements into an Opportunity, Lorna M. Peterson, Spring 2003
Adjunctivitis (Books), Deborah Hirsch, Summer 2001

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Accountability, Graduation Rates

Joint Authorship: Campuses Look to Measure Writing Competence—and Find One Another, Nancy Kleniewski, Fall 2007
Standard-Driven Variety: Why Must Equitable Outcomes Be the Same Outcomes?, Nicholas C. Donohue, Fall 2007
Reinvention, Not Reforms: Current School Structures Are Obsolete, Nicholas C. Donohue, Summer 2007
Achievement Tests?, John O. Harney, Spring 2007
Foundation Course: Q&A with Nellie Mae Education Foundation President Nicholas Donohue, Spring 2007
What’s in Your Valise?: Determining What Students Learn in College, Clifford Adelman, Spring 2007
Accountability: Are Doctoral Programs in Education Practicing What They Preach?, Martha McCann Rose and Cynthia V. L. Ward, Fall 2006
Community College Graduation Rates” New England’s Community Colleges Serve as
Gateways to Opportunity.…But Could They Be More Successful?, Jamie E. Scurry, Summer 2006
Coming Soon to a College Near You: Accountability, S. Paul Reville, Spring 2006
A Better Yardstick? Measuring Graduation Rates in an Age of Swirling Students, Estela Lopez, Alan Sturtz and German Bermudez, Winter 2005
Going Out on Outcomes, Richard H. Brodhead (Excerpt), Summer 2004
Enough of Beat the Clock: How to Measure Real Success in Community Colleges, John J Sbrega, Winter 2004

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Technology Streamlines and Improves Recruitment - and Institutional Performance, Janice Forsstrom, Summer 2008
Admissions Tools at a Crossroads: Technology versus the Timeless, Salvadore Liberto, Summer 2008
Pulling Rank, Lloyd Thacker, Winter 2008
The Downside of Early Decision: Choosing Early Doesn’t Always Mean Choosing Right, Lawrence S. Bacow, Spring 2006
The In Crowd (Books), Lee Coffin, Fall 2004
Test Patterns: Fair Game? The Use of Standardized Tests in Higher Education by Rebecca Zwick (Books), Peter Sacks, Fall 2002
Test Culture (Books), Alan R. Earls, Winter 2001
High-stake Sandwich: Don't Build School-College Collaboration on More Tests, Peter Sacks, Fall 2001
New Englanders Changed Admissions...and Will Need To Again, Arthur Doyle, Winter 1995

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Arts and Culture

Art Transforms Education: A Boston Pilot School Puts Student Learning Center Stage, Katherine Sloan and Linda Nathan, Summer 2005
Arts and the City: Tapping the Creative Energy of Urban Youths, Susan Rodgerson and Blenda J. Wilson, Summer 2005
Artists Only?, John O. Harney, Summer 2005
Best Practices in the Creative Economy, Evan S. Dobelle, Summer 2005
The Coming Right-Brain Economy: Daniel H. Pink Says the MFA is the New MBA, Summer 2005
Creative Places: How RISD Invigorates Providence, Roger Mandle, Summer 2005
Investing in Futures: Lyme Academy Asserts the Primacy of “The Hand of the Artist” in a Culture that Is Becoming Electronic, Henry E. Putsch, Summer 2005
Museum Quality: A New Museum and Recharged College Bring Creative Energy to North Adams, Mass., Mary Grant, Summer 2005
Vocation of the Imagination: Creating the Creative Campus, Ellen McCulloch-Lovell, Summer 2005
Economic Design: Crafting a Blueprint for New England's Creative Economy, James T. Brett, Fall 2002
Treasure Troves: New England Museums Exhibit Collection of Pressures, Alan R. Earls, Fall 1998
The Art of New England Higher Education, John C. Hoy, Summer 1998
Arts: A Practical Argument, Katherine Sloan, Summer 1998
The Arts and Society: Looking Ahead, Elizabeth Coleman, Summer 1998
Art for New England's Sake!, John O. Harney, Summer 1998
College Music: A Work in Progress?, Robert Freeman, Summer 1998
Trafficking in Wonder: The Arts and the Liberal Arts, Arthur Feinsod, Summer 1998
Visual Arts in the Schools: A Joint Venture, Paul A. C. Sproll, Summer 1998

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Biomedical Research and Technology

NEBHE Tells Congress: Keep Biotech Production Here At Home, JoAnn Moody, Spring 1989
New Haven's Science Park, Henry Chauncey Jr., Spring 1989
New England Governors Endorse Biotech, JoAnn Moody, Winter 1989
Biotechnology: A Regional Update, JoAnn Moody, Fall 1988
Academic Research: Key to the Biotech Revolution, James M. Jeffords, Spring 1988
Biomedical Research and Technology: NEBHE Commission's Prognosis for the Future, JoAnn Moody, Spring 1988
Biotech's Promise for New England Agriculture, Stewart N. Smith, Spring 1988
Biotechnology in Rhode Island, Craig Doremus, Spring 1988
Future of Medical Equipment: An Opinion From a Concerned Vendor, Peter E. Schwartz, Spring 1988
New England's Biomedical Industry Demands Skilled Graduates, Ellin Anderson, Spring 1988
Support for Health-Related R&D is Crucial to New England's Biotech Industry, Judith A.Beachler, Spring 1988
Unique National Treasure, John C. Hoy, Spring 1988
Yale Boosts New Haven's Medical-Related Industries, Steve Hamm, Spring 1988
Biotechnology Transfer: The UConn R&D Corp. Model, Judith A. Beachler, Winter 1988
Promising Future for Biotech, John A. Norris, Fall/Winter 1987
MIT's Medical Involvement, JoAnn Moody, Winter/Spring 1987
Hopes Soar as Hurdles are Cleared, JoAnn Moody, Fall 1986
Update: NEBHE Commission on Biomedicine, Spring 1986

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Business and Management Education

Just Power?, Teaching Business Ethics in a Time of Maximizing Returns, Thomas Sullivan, Summer 2005
The Other B-Schools, (Feedback: Educating Managers), William R. Dill, Spring 1996
A Shortage of Business Faculty? (Feedback: Educating Managers), John F. Brennan, Spring 1996
Speed Up the Reforms, (Feedback: Educating Managers), Robert E. Holmes, Spring 1996
Change Comes to Harvard Business School, Summer/Fall 1995
Changing Shape of New England B-Schools, John O. Harney, Summer/Fall 1995
Degrees in Business Fields (Tables), Summer/Fall 1995
Innovation Niche: Babson, Bentley and Bryant Confront Changing Business and Academic Worlds, Alan R. Earls, Summer/Fall 1995
Preparing 21st Century Managers, John C. Hoy, Summer/Fall 1995
The Public's Business: Management Education at New England's State Universities, Ellen Prihodko, Summer/Fall 1995
Reforming Management Education, Thomas Moore, Summer/Fall 1995
Surveying New England's Management Education Enterprise, Richard L. McDowell, Summer/Fall 1995
Technology and the Manager, Glen L. Urban, Summer/Fall 1995
A New Measure of Success in Business, William P. Haas, Spring 1991
Business Schools Should Teach Ethics (Excerpt), Jay A. Halfond, Winter 1990

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Campus Architecture

The Changing Shape of Learning: Technology and Tight Budgets Force a Fundamental Rethinking of the Higher Education Enterprise, Prakash Nair, Spring 2003
A Building like a Tree, a Campus like a Forest: Sustainable Design Comes to New England Higher Education, William McDonough, Michael Braungart and Diane Dale, Summer 2002
Campus Architecture is Campus Marketing: From Celebrity Architects to Luxury Dorms, Colleges Make Building Decisions in an Attempt to Draw Students and Support, Elizabeth S. Padjen, Summer 2002
Connecticut Builds: How One Public University Became a National Model for Infrastructure Investment, Philip E. Austin, Summer 2002
First Impressions of Campus Form and Function, Robert A. Weygand, Summer 2002
Form follows Function? Innovations in Education Demand Flexible Building Design, Arthur J. Lidsky, Summer 2002
Stores of Knowledge: New England Colleges Are Turning Retail Space into Classrooms, Albert E. Neal, Summer 2002
When Strategic Planning Gets Physical, Thomas V.S. Cullins, Summer/Fall 1995
Three Decades of Campus Planning, David M. Hirzel and M. Perry Chapman, Fall 1986

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Campus Profiles

Tech School: The Birth of MIT (Books), Alan R. Earls, Spring 2006
Tufts Acts to Follow (Books) Joseph M. Cronin, Winter 2005
To WIT: History of Wentworth (Books), Fall 2004
University Couple: Roger Williams University President Roy J. Nirschel on Issues in Higher Education … and Paula Nirschel on Educating Young Afghan Women, Winter 2004
Course Change: Reinventing Champlain, Roger H. Perry, Fall 2002
Survival and Success: The Saint Joseph's Experience, David B. House, Fall 2002
Community College History (Books), Carolyn Thornberry, Fall 2001
The Big Green Book (Books), John O. Harney, Summer 2000
Handsome History [of Middlebury], (Books), John O. Harney, Fall/Winter 1999
Thy Honored Name: A History of the College of the Holy Cross (Books), Alan R. Earls, Summer 1999
Sowing Public Ivy in the Berkshires: The Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, Thomas D. Aceto, Fall 1997
Changing Lives: Hampshire College, Marlboro College, Clark University (Excerpt), Loren Pope, Summer 1996
Residential Life (Excerpt), Tom Gerety, Spring 1996
Harvard at 350, David H. Sanders, Spring 1986

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Cities, Regions (including town-gown relations)
(See also Economic Development)

Urban Interventions, Joseph Cronin, Spring 2009
Demography Is Still Destiny, Peter Francese, Fall 2005
Comic Relief for White River Junction, James Sturm, Winter 2005
Deep Impact, John O. Harney, Winter 2005
Home Remedies:  Colleges Look to Ease Housing Burdens, Liz Adams, Winter 2005
Pomp and Wine: Can College Towns Keep the Sims Happy?, Kathleen Leahy Born, Winter 2005
Education Mayor: Boston’s Menino Pursues Workforce Development, James E. Samels and James Martin, Summer 2004
Taxing Times For Boston Colleges? A CONNECTION interview with Boston City Councilor-at-Large Stephen Murphy, Summer 2004
Local Heroes: How Colleges and Universities Enrich Their Host Communities, Judith Steinkamp, Summer 2003
Community Repositories of Knowledge: A Tool to Make Sure Research Pays Off for University Partners, Linda Silka, Spring 2003
Dorm City: College Students Put Pressure on Boston's Housing Market, Shirley Kressel, Winter 2001
Good Neighbors? From Soaring Rents to Sour Relations, Housing Dilemmas Confound New England College Towns, N. Sean Bowditch, Winter 2001
Progressive Approaches to University-Community Relations: The Town-Gown Story in Burlington, Peter Clavelle, Winter 2001
University-Community Relations: Doing the Tango with a Jellyfish [in Lowell, Mass.], Christine McKenna, Summer 1999
Down and Out in the Berkshires (Books), Alan R. Earls, Fall 1998
Reshaping Town-Gown Relations, Judith Steinkamp, Spring 1998
Salem's New Lot: A Former Teacher's College Looks to Boost Technology on Boston's North Shore, Nancy D. Harrington, Spring 1997
New England's Intercity Connections, Thomas M. Menino, Summer 1996
College Towns (Table), Winter 1995
Town Meets Gown in New Haven, John C. Daniels, Spring 1994
Hot Hubs: These Centers May Have What it Takes to Be Centers of New England's Competitiveness in the '90s, John O. Harney, Spring 1990
Neighborhoods vs. Universities on Student Housing, Alan Daly, Summer 1989
Nation's Only City-State: Providence and Rhode Island on an Economic Roll, John Chaffee, Summer/Fall 1987
America's Future Lies in Boston, Minoru Tamba, Spring/Summer 1987
From the Heart of New Hampshire - Higher Education along the Merrimack River, Ellin Anderson, Spring/Summer 1987
New Driving Force in Merrimack Valley, Ellin Anderson, Winter/Spring 1987
Burlington's (Vt.) Resurgence Linked to Higher Education, Ellin Anderson, Fall 1986
Worcester: Higher Education Faces the Future, Ellin Anderson, Summer 1986
Renaissance in Portland, Ellin Anderson, Spring 1986

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College Readiness and Success

Readiness in Brief, Joan Menard, Summer 2009
Strategy to Maintain New England’s Education Advantage, Michael K. Thomas, Summer 2009
Creating a Retention Quilt, Karen Gross, Albert DeCiccio and Anne Hopkins Gross, Spring 2009
First Generation, Low-Income Students, Carol A. Moore, Donna Dalton and Robert Whittaker, Spring 2009
Many Sizes Fit All (“Multiple Pathways”), Ephraim Weisstein and David Jacobson, Spring 2009
New England’s State of College Readiness, Roxanna P. Menson, Thanos Patelis and Arthur Doyle, Spring 2009
Access to a College Degree or Just College Debt?, Deborah Hirsch, Fall 2008
A Test We Must Pass, Nicholas C. Donohue, Fall 2008
Stemming Summer Learning Loss, Nicholas C. Donohue and Beth Miller, Summer 2008
Common Placement Standards: A Strategy for Student Success, Michael Collins, Summer 2008
Rethinking College Readiness, David T. Conley, Spring 2008
Improving College Preparation, Michael Cohen, Spring 2008
Adult Education: From a Terminal Degree to Lifelong Learning, Nicholas C. Donohue, Winter 2008
Good Intentions: Many Mainers Plan to Go to College, but Don’t, Lisa Plimpton And Colleen J. Quint, Fall 2007
Reaching the Connected Generation: “College Access Marketers” Slow in Adopting New Techniques, David Gastwirth, Fall 2007
The Empty Pipeline, Evan S. Dobelle, Spring 2007
An Independent Path to College Success, Michael P. Danziger, Spring 2007
Trend: Shrinking Opportunity, Kati Haycock and Danette Gerald, Spring 2007
An Education Mandate for New England’s Governors, Evan S. Dobelle, Winter 2007
Nourishing Regional Relationships, Mary R. Cathcart, Summer 2006
Preparing Urban Scholars for College: A Best Practice in College Readiness, Blenda J. Wilson, Summer 2006
A Regional Plan for College Readiness, Evan S. Dobelle, Summer 2006
Adults Must Be College-Ready Too: ABE-to-College Transition Project Inspires Lives, Blenda J. Wilson, Winter 2006
Are Colleges Listening to Students?, Michael C. Poindexter, Winter 2006
Building a Pipeline for College, Access and Success, Richard Kazis, Winter 2006
College Graduation Is the Bottom Line, Greg Johnson, Winter 2006
College Material: Tapping Rural Areas for the Next Generation of College Students, Stephen E. Abbott, Winter 2006
College Ready New England: Regional Collaboration Explores Models for Readiness and Success, Michael K. Thomas, Winter 2006
Levers for Change: Steps States Can Take to Improve College Readiness, Andrea Venezia, Winter 2006
New Hampshire’s Get Ready for College Initiative, Stephen Reno and René A. Drouin, Winter 2006
Ready Yet?, John O. Harney, Winter 2006
Reform for College Readiness, Evan S. Dobelle, Winter 2006
What Does It Mean to Be “College-Ready?”, Laurie L. Hazard and Jean-Paul Nadeau, Winter 2006
Affordability and Opportunity, Sandy Baum, Fall 2005
As Maine Goes …, John O. Harney, Spring 2004
Maine Looks to Put Students on the Path to College, Colleen J. Quint, Spring 2004
Scholarship City: How Fall River Is Creating American Dreams, John O. Harney, Summer 2001
Breaking the Circle That Binds Us, Blenda J. Wilson, Summer 2000
Feedback: Access and Philanthropy (Letters), Thomas P. Mortenson, Summer 2000
Foundations for Access: New Models, Rick Dalton, Summer 2000
Access Is About More Than Money, Paul E.Harrington and Andrew M. Sum, Fall/Winter 1999

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Communications, Media

An Educated Audience, Ralph Whitehead Jr., Summer 2009
Prepare for Impact: Education Policy Communication in a New Media Age, Brian Reich, Summer 2009
Policy Publishing in Print and on Web, Robert Whitcomb, Summer 2009
The Academy's Fallen Idols, Gillian A. Drutchas, Fall 2001
Interview with Walter V. Robinson of the Boston Globe, Fall 2001
College PR Is about People, Not Technology, Soterios C. Zoulas, Fall 2001
Elevating the Higher Education Beat, John O. Harney, Fall 1998
On the Beat: A Former Higher Education Reporter Reflects on Coverage, Jon Marcus, Fall 1998
Press Pass: Boston News Organizations Ignore Higher Education, Soterios C. Zoulas, Fall 1998
Technical Foul: The Growing Communication Gap between Specialists and the Rest of Us, Kristin R. Woolever, Fall 1998

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New England 2025, Michael K. Thomas, Spring 2009
Differentiate or Die, Ty J. Handy, Winter 2008
Demographic Demise: The Declining Young Adult Population in New England, Ross Gittell, Summer 2007
Ask and You Shall Perceive: Vermont and New Hampshire Ask High School Seniors: “What Next?,” Ingrid Lemaire and Wanda Arce, Spring 2005
Demographic Perfect Storm: New England Confronts a Shortage of College-Bound Students, Rebecca Brodgian, Spring 2005
Tunnel Vision: New England Higher Education Ignores Demographic Peril, Harold L. Hodgkinson, Spring 2004
Enrollment Winners, Losers, Turnarounds and New Players, James Martin and James E. Samels, Spring 2002
Conversation about Demography with Harold Hodgkinson, Summer 1999
College Enrollment: New England in a Changing Market, John O. Harney, Summer 1999
Enrollment (Indicators), Fall 1997
The Other Trade Deficit: Patterns in Foreign Enrollment, Judith A. Beachler, Summer 1991
Enrollment Decrease of 4 Percent Anticipated for Fall, Wendy A. Lindsay, Summer 1989
From the High Schools, a Grim Economic Warning, John C. Hoy, Summer 1989
Special Report: Regional Shortfall in High School Graduates, Charles S. Lenth and Robin Etter Zuniga, Summer 1989
Facts about New England Student Migration, Richard G. King, Fall 1988
NEBHE Vacancy Survey Reveals Fewer Fall Openings, Summer 1988
Are New England's Doors Still Open?: Three Decades of Foreign Student Enrollment Trends, Richard G. King, Summer 1986
Opportunity that Begs for Definition: Access and Quality in New England Higher Education, John A. Dunn, Jr., Summer 1986
New England Enrollment - The Dangerous Years, 1988-92, Spring 1986
Opportunity Unfulfilled: New England Public Higher Education Enrollment, Kent Halstead, Spring 1986

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Economic Development

Thriving Through Recession, Roger Goodman, Spring 2009
Time for Higher Ed to Survive Crisis and Thrive, Michael K. Thomas, Winter 2009
Education by the Numbers, Jake Ludes III, Eva I. Kampits and Nadia Alam, Fall 2008
Down Under, Higher Education Drives Economic Development, Linda Silka, Fall 2008
The Economic Impact of Education in New England, Jacob Ludes III, Nadia Alam and Eva Kampits, Spring 2007
Keeping New England Competitive: A Call to Better Educate the Changing Region, Blenda J. Wilson, Fall 2006
New England’s Going to Do It Again, James T. Brett, Fall 2005
Bases Empty? Military Closures Could Sting New England’s Innovation Economy, James T. Brett, Spring 2005
The Economic Impact of Educational Opportunity, Blenda J. Wilson, Winter 2005
Old and Cold? New England Looks to Heat Up Image, Douglas Fisher, Fall 2004
The Edu-Economy: New England Private Colleges Add Jobs Despite Recession, Ross Gittell, Fall 2003
Bright Futures? Human Capital Dilemmas Cloud New England Outlook, Neal R. Pierce and Curtis Johnson, Summer 2003
Leading Indicator: New England's Higher Education Economy, Thomas G. Mortenson, Spring 2003
A Call to Action on New England's Innovation Economy, William Guenther, Winter 2003
Community Colleges Mean Business—But What Does Business Mean? Cathryn L. Addy and William F. Ritchie, Winter 2003
Conflicting Views, A Scorecard of Business and Academic Attitudes Toward Higher Education, Winter 2003
Higher Education Gets Down to Business, John O. Harney and Lynne Doan, Winter 2003
Internships Now! Mandie Sullivan, Winter 2003
Minding our Business: Story of Route 128, John O. Harney, Winter 2003
Perspectives, Interviews by Cherryl Jensen, Winter 2003
The Public's Business: 140 Years After the Morrill Act, New England's Land Grants Are Crucial Business Partners — But Could They Be More?, Alan R. Earls, Winter 2003
New England's Economic Outlook: A Mild Recession Followed by Slow Growth Promises Mixed Blessings for Higher Education, Ross Gittell, Summer 2002
The End of Economic Exuberance: New England's Economic Outlook, Ross Gittell, Summer 2001
New Fabric: A Community College Spins Partnerships in Southeastern Massachusetts, John J. Sbrega, Summer 2001
College Town Ventures: Investors Look to Unleash Intellectual Power of New England Communities, Matt Harris and Bo Peabody, Winter 2001
Will New England Become Global Hub or Cul de Sac?, Kip Bergstrom, Summer 1999
Suburban Sprawl or Urban Withdrawal?, Keith W. Stokes, Spring 1999
Who's Not at the Policy Table?, Kaileigh A. Tara, Spring 1999
Colleges and Communities (Excerpt), Evan S. Dobelle, Summer 1998
Issues in Higher Education (Excerpt), E. Gordon Gee, Summer 1998
The Buck Stops Where? Higher Education's Economic Impact, Alan R. Earls, Spring 1998
Connecticut's Recovery (Books), John O. Harney, Spring 1998
The Innovation Economy: Building a Better Yardstick, Jennifer Montana, Spring 1998
FOTEP: Initiative Teaches Teachers while It Bolsters an Emerging Industry, Fenna Hanes, Summer 1997
Building the Knowledge Economy, John O. Harney, Spring 1997
Niche Market in Maine (Excerpt), John Joseph, Spring 1997
The University of Massachusetts and Economic Development, William M. Bulger, Fall 1996
A Regional Economy Under Attack, John C. Hoy, Spring 1996
Growing New England's Economy, Patricia M. Flynn, Spring 1995
Higher Education and New England's Knowledge-Intensive Economy, John C. Hoy, Winter 1995
Higher Education, Economic Development and Regionalism: Snippets from a 40-Year Conversation (Excerpts), Winter 1995
Higher Education: Foundation for Economic Development in Connecticut, William J. Cibes Jr., Winter 1995
Inventiveness, Ira A. Jackson, Winter 1995
New England Economic Forecast: Labor Pains, Joseph B. Wharton, Winter 1995
New England Higher Education and Economic Development: Reflections on 40 Years, John O. Harney, Winter 1995
Postwar Evolution of New England Employment, Katharine Bradbury and Lynn Browne, Winter 1995
Timeline 1955-1995, Winter 1995
Winners and Losers in a Knowledge-Intensive Economy, James M. Howell, Winter 1995
Recovering: New England Emerges from Recession, Joseph B. Wharton and Yolanda K. Kodrzycki, Summer 1994
Forging an Economic Development Partnership in New Hampshire, Ross Gittell, Allen Kaufman, Michael Merenda, William Naumes and Craig Wood, Spring/Summer 1993
Education Reform and Investment: New England's Economic Stake, Sven Groennings, Kent Lloyd, Jack Carlson and Diane Ramsey, Winter 1992
Expanding Skills and Knowledge: A New England Imperative for the 21st Century, John C. Hoy, Fall 1991
Crafting a Blueprint for Economic Recovery, Thomas P. Salmon, Winter 1991
Formula for Re-emergence, Nicholas P. Koskores, Winter 1991
Higher Education Must Manage Change, Paul C. O'Brien, Winter 1991
New England Could Take a Lesson from Wichita, Ralph Whitehead, Winter 1991
New England's Industrial Diaspora, David Warsh, Winter 1991
Post-Miracle '90s: Imperatives for Interstate Cooperation, Gary L. Ciminero, Winter 1991
Pride of Institution and New England's Resurgence, John C. Hoy, Winter 1991
Small High-Tech Companies: Still Creating New England Jobs, Diane Fulman, Winter 1991
New England's Economic Future (Excerpt), Richard F. Syron, Spring 1990
New England After Defense: Peace Dividend or Peace Liability, Thomas J. Sullivan, Spring 1990
Let's Win Back Our "Heritage of Prosperity," John F. Kerry, Summer 1989
New England's Higher Education Resource, John C. Hoy, Fall 1988
Planning New England's Energy Future, Eric P. Cody, Summer 1988
Higher Education Boosts Intellectual Tourism, John D. Hunt, Spring 1988
New England Resource Center for Higher Education, Spring 1988
New England's "Miracle" Was Manufacturing, R.D. Norton, Winter 1988
Future of New England: Survey Reveals "Guarded Optimism," Wendy A. Lindsay, Fall/Winter 1987
New England Housing Outlook, William C. Apgar and George Masnick, Fall/Winter 1987
Preserving Our Values: Higher Education's Vital Role, Robert L. Woodbury, Fall/Winter 1987
Preserving the "Miracle," John C. Hoy, Fall/Winter 1987
Rebuilding the Manufacturing Base, Kenneth Hooker, Fall/Winter 1987
Straight Talk About Higher Education and the Economy, John H. Sununu, Fall/Winter 1987
Education's Role in a Competitive America, Theodore F. Brophy, Summer/Fall 1987
Hard Facts About New England's Mainstream Population, John C. Hoy, Summer/Fall 1987
In Praise of Strategic Advocacy: The Role of the Massachusetts High Technology Council, John C. Hoy, Spring/Summer 1987
New Buzzword - Competitiveness, Michael J. Bennett, Winter/Spring 1987
Sea Grant Contributes to Marine Economy, Susan Watson Moline, Winter/Spring 1987
Educating the Lawmakers, Melvin H. Bernstein, Summer 1986
Higher Education and the State: New Linkages for Economic Development, Melvin H. Bernstein, Spring 1986
Higher Education in an Evolving Technocracy, David J. Beaubien, Spring 1986

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Education Technologies

Digital Textbooks: A Student Perspective, Nicole Allen, Summer 2008
A Culture of Shared Knowledge, Judy Baker, Summer 2008
The OpenCourseWare Story: New England Roots, Global Reach, Stephen Carson, Summer 2008
Using Social Media to Teach Social Media, Howard Rheingold, Summer 2008
Opening Universities in a Digital Era, John Palfrey and Urs Gasser, Summer 2008
Social Technology in the Classroom, Jeffrey Yan, Winter 2008
How Open-Source Curricula Could Bridge the Education Divide, Barbara Kurshan, Spring 2007
A Future in Concrete?, Seymour Papert, Fall 2005
Teaching Expert Thinking, Chris Dede, Fall 2005
Transmission Transition: Will Faculty Learn to Love Long Distance Learning?, Michael F. Beaudoin, Summer 2002
Of Pines and Pixels: Distance Learning and Forestry in New England, Charles H.W. Foster and Edmund T. Cranch, Winter 2001
Seven Myths about Online Colleges: A View from Inside, Robert V. Antonucci, Winter 2001
Virtual Economics (Books), Joseph M. Cronin, Winter 2001
Is Big Brother Watching the Wired Campus? Alan R. Earls, Fall 2000
Thou Shalt Serve Working Students (Excerpt), Jorge Klor de Alva, Fall 2000
E-college: New England Institutions Marry Traditional Strengths to Cybertools, Alan R. Earls, Fall/Winter 1999
Rising Like UPhoenix (Books), Edmund T. Cranch, Fall/Winter 1999
Cyber-Libraries, (Books), Alan R. Earls, Spring 1999
Masters of the Internet, Paul J. LeBlanc, Fall 1997
Distance Learning Tests America's Higher Education Dominance, Mark A. Emmert, Summer 1997
Distributed Learning: How New Technologies Promise a Richer Educational Experience, Chris Dede, Summer 1997
Lifelong Learning in the Workplace: Brokering Knowledge, Robert J. Hermann, Summer 1997
Lifelong Learning in the Workplace: Keeping Professionals Current, Robert Goldberg, Summer 1997
Toward a "Student-centric" Culture: Some Options for New England, George P. Connick, Summer 1997
Copyrights and the Virtual Classroom, John O. Harney, Fall 1996
Information Rights (Excerpt), Aspen Institute, Summer/Fall 1995
Reengineering Distance Learning: Feedback, R. Rembert Aranda and Richard P. Vigilante, Winter 1995
Approaching Transformation of New England Higher Education, Edmund T. Cranch, Summer 1994
The Great Digital Convergence: Implications for Growth, Edward J. Markey, Summer 1994
Higher Education in the Age of Information, George P. Connick and Jane A. Russo, Summer 1994
Interactive Television in a Rural State, Charles I. Bunting, Summer 1994
Into the Steamship Age: A New Networking Paradigm, Robert F. Tinker, Summer 1994
Mass Ed OnLine: Bay State Students on the Technological Track, Piedad F. Robertson, Summer 1994
The Metabolism of Information: A Bigger One-Room School?, Nathan Felde, Summer 1994
New England Telecommunications, John O. Harney, Summer 1994
New England's Infocommunication Industrial Complex, Richard J. DeKaser, Summer 1994
Telecommunications Access: A Public Good?, James J. Malachowski, Summer 1994
Telecommunications on Campus: Easing Faculty Fears, John W. Bardo, Summer 1994
Telemedicine: 21st Century Housecalls, C. Everett Koop, Summer 1994
Tower of Babel or Towering Opportunity?, John C. Hoy, Summer 1994
Vermont via the Information Superhighway, Howard Dean, Summer 1994
"Tapping" Telecommunications Potential, Bob Hird, Spring 1989

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Elementary and Secondary Education

Students at the Center: New England’s Future Demands Education Based on a Learner’s Needs and Interests, Nicholas C. Donohue, Winter 2010
Is New England Ready for P-20?, Joseph M. Cronin and Richard H. Goodman, Spring 2008
Massachusetts Graduation Test Raises Barriers, Not Standards, Christina Perez, Winter 2003
Will We Hear the Message Or Shoot the Messenger? Abigail Thernstrom, Winter 2003
Please come to New England: Slow Growth Spells Trouble for Local Schools, Peter Francese, Fall 2002
Big School on Campus: How a Clark University Program Gives Worcester a Shot in the Arm and Students a Shot at College, Philippa Mulford, Fall 2001
"No Good Deed…": Looking back at BU's Chelsea Experiment, Douglas Sears, Fall 2001
Local Color: How Community Heritage Enhances Education, Michael Hoberman, Summer 2001
K-12 Partnerships (Books), Joseph M. Cronin, Winter 2001
The New Boob Tube (Books), John O. Harney, Summer 2000
Conversation about Schools with Deborah Meier, Fall/Winter 1999
The Mortarboard and the Anvil: Higher Education's Duty to the Workforce, John Silber, Summer 1997
Can Business Really Make a Difference in Education?, Susan K. Moulton, Spring 1997
New England's School-Age Population: Listening for an Echo (charts), Fall 1996
Charting a New Course in Public Education, Virginia A. Greiman, Summer/Fall 1995
Today's Lesson is Brought to You By… (Excerpt), Rhoda H. Karpatkin, Spring 1995
School Ties: Colleges and School Reform, Andy S. Gomez, Spring 1994
Local and Inequitable: Financing New England's Public Schools, Spring/Summer 1993
Focus on K-12 Finances (charts), Winter 1992
Administering a Peace Dividend, Nicholas Mavroules, Summer 1990
Implementing Education Goals, Peter Smith, Summer 1990
Restoring our Education System, Richard E. Neal, Summer 1990
Star Schools for Rural America, Patrick J. Leahy, Summer 1990
Towards High Achievement in Math and Science, Claudine Schneider, Summer 1990
How Parents Figure in the Trade Equation, Melvin H. Bernstein, Spring 1990
School Improvement Partnerships, Byrd L. Jones, Robert W. Maloy and Frank Fletcher, Spring 1990
Early Awareness Leads to College, Laurie Ortyl, Spring/Summer 1987

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Community Colleges Going Green, Joan Menard, Fall 2008
Earth Day, Every Day, John Brady, Fall 2008
Eco-Friendly Campuses as Teaching Tools, Stephen J. Erwin and Thomas D. Kearns, Fall 2008
Environmentally Conscious Development on Campus, Lawrence C. Bacher, Fall 2008
Green Campuses, Green Programs, Amanda Silvia, Fall 2008
The Role Of Sustainability in Campus Planning, Greg Havens, Perry Chapman and Bryan Irwin, Fall 2008
Sustainability and Higher Education, David Hales, Fall 2008
The Great Outdoors: Adventure Education and Recreation Studies Programs Try to Prove Their Worth, Monica Deady, Summer 2003
About the Weather, Lynne M. Carter, Summer 2000
Reinventing Region 1: The State of New England's Environment (Books), Melvin H. Bernstein, Fall 1998
New College Grads Could Clean Up: Landing a Job in Environmental Consulting, Charles Anderson, Summer 1997
Environmental Good Citizens (Excerpt), Trudy Coxe, Spring 1997
Whose Woods These Are (Excerpt), Northern Forest Lands Council, Summer 1994
Clean Exports (Excerpt), Gerry E. Studds, Spring/ Summer 1993
Environmental Education Programs Thrive: But How Best to Prepare Green Professionals?, Julie Lanza, Spring/Summer 1993
Clean Money: New England Confronts Environmental Problems and Sees an Opportunity, John O. Harney, Spring 1991
Ecological Technology Calls for a New Mix, Dan Dimancescu, Spring 1991
Environmental Degree Programs and Concentrations (chart), Spring 1991
Environmental Education: A Look at the Landscape, William R. Moomaw, Spring 1991
Envirotech in New England, John Driscoll, Spring 1991
Green Partners: Environmental Issues Give Academics and Public Officials a Common Cause, But Roadblocks Remain, Charles H.W. Foster, Spring 1991
Help Wanted: Fixing Environmental Infrastructure, David Luberoff, Spring 1991
In Boston, Too Few Minds in the Sewer, Paul F. Levy, Spring 1991
Natural Laws: A New England Law School Makes a Case for Environmental Knowledge, Rick E. Melberth, Spring 1991
Preparing Environmental Leaders, Mitchell Thomashow, Spring 1991
Promoting Environmental Business: The Massachusetts Approach, Daniel S. Gregory, Spring 1991
Redrawing the Campus Map: Interdisciplinary Studies, Richard J. Borden, Spring 1991
Remembering the First Earth Day, John H. Chafee, Spring 1991
Agriculture Is Environment, Franklin M. Loew, Winter 1990
Environmental Protection Should Begin in the Classroom, John H. Chafee, Winter 1990

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Federal Education Policy
(See also Elementary and Secondary Education; Financing Higher Education; Student Financial Aid/Loans)

Ambitious Goal (Obama’s Higher Education Attainment Goal), Terry W. Hartle, Summer 2009
Driving American Economic Renewal (Obama’s Higher Education Attainment Goal), Muriel A. Howard, Summer 2009
Historic Opportunity for Action (Obama’s Higher Education Attainment Goal), Arne Duncan, Summer 2009
Our Most Valuable Population (Disconnected Youth), Nicholas C. Donohue, Summer 2009
Ed in ’08: New England’s Favorite Son, Evan S. Dobelle, Summer 2007
Commission Report Should Prompt a Re-examination of New England Higher Education, Blenda J. Wilson, Spring 2007
Could Transparency Bring Economic Diversity?, Richard D. Kahlenberg, Spring 2007
Resist Simplistic Measures of Success, Jack M. Wilson, Spring 2007
Test the Spellings Commission’s Assumptions, Cathryn L. Addy, Spring 2007
Time for Action to Bolster Future of Higher Education, Margaret Spellings, Spring 2007
To Strengthen Higher Education, Boost Pell Grants, End Waste in Private Loan Programs, Edward M. Kennedy, Spring 2007
Transparency, John O. Harney, Spring 2007
A Plan for Higher Education Access, John F. Tierney, Fall 2005
Billing Cycle: How Will New England Fare Under New Federal Higher Education Legislation?, Terry Hartle and Chris Simmons, Winter 2004
Education is Welfare Reform, Olympia Snowe, Winter 2004
Education Security for All, Edward M. Kennedy, Winter 2004
Priorities: The View From Congress, Winter 2004
Toward College Affordability, John F. Tierney, Winter 2004
Training in Freedom and Civilization, Judd Gregg, Winter 2004
Federal Triangle: Congress Focuses on Access, Affordability and Accountability, Terry Hartle and Chris Simmons, Fall 2003
Sticking It to Students: A New Losing Formula for Financial Aid Eligibility?, Chuck O'Toole, Fall 2003
New Economy Demands New Creativity in Washington and in the States, John C. Hoy, Spring 1997
Washington Gets into the Higher Education Act, Terry W. Hartle, Spring 1997
Direct Lending: Is New England's Student Loan Industry Living on Borrowed Time?, Julie Lanza, Spring 1994
Higher Education Act Means Competitiveness, Jack Reed, Spring/Summer 1992
Agenda for the 1990s: The View From New England's Congressional Delegation, John O. Harney, Summer 1990
Contentious Time for Educators, George J. Mitchell, Summer 1990
Education Is the Foundation for Economic Growth, Joseph I. Lieberman, Summer 1990
Higher-Education Priorities for the 1990s, Edward M. Kennedy, Summer 1990
Permanent Role for Business in the Schools, John G. Rowland, Summer 1990
World-Class Education for a World-Class Workforce, Claiborne Pell, Summer 1990
Creating a "National Service Corps,"Michael J. Bennett, Winter 1989
Higher Education's New Dance Partner, Michael J. Bennett, Fall 1988
Republican Connection, Michael J. Bennett, Fall/Winter 1987
High Priests of a National Religion, Michael J. Bennett, Spring/Summer 1987
How New England Higher Education Looks from the Nation's Capital, John W. Chandler, Fall 1986
Who Will Speak for New England After Tip Leaves?, Michael J. Bennett, Fall 1986
Gamesmanship Replaces Fervor in Higher Education Act Reauthorization, Michael J. Bennett, Summer 1986
Adding Up Gramm-Rudman, the Higher Education Act and Tax Reform, Michael J. Bennett, Spring 1986

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Financing Higher Education
(See also Philanthropy/Fundraising and Student Financial Aid/Loans)

Current Funds, Paul E. Lingenfelter, Winter 2009
Pumping the Money Lever, Dennis Jones, Winter 2009
A Work of Art, Katherine Sloan, Winter 2009
$100 Bills Lying on the Ground: Government Funding of Higher Education Pays for Itself Many Times Over, Philip A. Trostel, Fall 2007
Dreamy (Books), Joseph M. Cronin, Spring 2004
The Public Interest: Building the Will to Save Public Higher Education, Blenda J. Wilson, Winter 2004
An Integrated Approach to Affordability, Robert A. Weygand, Fall 2003
Making College Affordable, Ann Coles, Fall 2003
Advice to Governors, Robert C. Dickeson (Excerpts), Summer 2003
Part Church, Part Car Dealer: Williams College Professor Gordon Winston on the Economics of Higher Education (Excerpts), Winter 2003
New Route for Public Higher Education, Frank Newman and Jamie E. Scurry, Fall 2002
Crunch Time: State Budget Woes Squeeze New England's Already-Low Public Investment in Higher Education, Michael K. Thomas, Summer 2002
Is There a Future for Public Higher Education?, Robert A. Weygand, Spring 2002
Triple A: The States and Public Higher Education Policy (Books), Jane Sjogren, Spring 2002
Flunking on Costs: National Report Card Raises Alarm over Affordability of Higher Education in New Hampshire, Donald P. Wharton, Summer 2001
Higher Education Subsidies, Gordon C. Winston, Spring 1998
Private Support of Higher Education (Indicators), Fall 1997
State Support of Higher Education (Indicators), Fall 1997
A Cushion: New England College Endowments Top $26 Billion, John O. Harney, Spring 1997
College Debt and the New England Family, Jamie B. Merisotis and Thomas D. Parker, Spring 1996
Higher Education: Whose Investment?, John O. Harney, Spring 1996
Higher Education as Investment, Cathy E. Minehan, Spring 1995
Higher Education's Quiet Transformation, Katharine H. Hanson, Spring 1995
New Stratification of Higher Education, Michael S. McPherson, Spring 1995
Public Higher Education's Dilemmas, Robert L. Woodbury, Spring 1995
Reconnecting with Society's Needs, Charles I. Bunting, Spring 1995
Restructuring a University, Michael K. Hooker, Spring 1995
Turnabout is Fair Play?, (Excerpt), Robert C. Wood, Richard A. Hogarty and Aundrea E. Kelley, Spring 1995
Coin of the Realm: Students are the Key to New England's Economy, John C. Hoy, Spring 1994
Financing Public Higher Education in New Hampshire, William J. Farrell, Spring 1994
High-Stakes Bet on the Future, David W. Breneman, Spring 1994
Maine Coalition Halts Budget Slide, John J. O'Dea, Spring 1994
New England's Endowment Wealth Is Enormous … and Enormously Skewed, Spring 1994
Tuition Futures in New England, Eleanor M. McMahon, Spring 1994
The State of a University (Excerpt), Robert L. Woodbury, Winter 1993
Brain Drain: An Exodus of New England Talent, Cynthia Herbert Adams and David D. Palmer, Winter 1993
Independent Higher Education's New Diet: Many Institutions Will Trim Down, Some Will Starve, John O. Harney, Winter 1992
Connecticut's Steady Habit: Downsizing, Robert E. Miller, Summer 1991
Disinvestment: Higher Education's Shrinking Piece of the Pie, John O. Harney, Summer 1991
Focus on Tuition and Fees, Summer 1991
A Long Row to Hoe, (Inadequate Education Funding), John C. Hoy, Summer 1991
Private Colleges Put the Brakes on Tuition, While Publics Hit the Gas, Jennifer McCauley Logue, Spring 1991
After the Elections: New England's Winners May Face their Toughest Campaign Yet, John O. Harney, Winter 1991
Cutting Defense, Bolstering Education, Sam Gejdenson, Summer 1990
Eliminating the Education Deficit, John H. Chafee, Summer 1990
New Threat Looms, Barney Frank, Summer 1990
Big Squeeze: New England's Public Investment in Higher Education Skids and the Price may be Excellence, John O. Harney, Winter 1990
Focus on Massachusetts: Bay State Leaders on the Outlook for Public Higher Education in Massachusetts, Winter 1990
New England's Next Economic Miracle, John C. Hoy, Winter 1990
Public Higher Education Funding in New England, Judith A. Beachler, Fall 1988
Cost-Conscious Universities Don't Deserve Scapegoat Status, Stephen Joel Trachtenberg, Summer 1988
Tuition Hikes Continue at New England Colleges, Wendy A. Lindsay, Summer/Fall 1987
Neglecting Our Own, A. Bartlett Giamatti, Winter/Spring 1987
Remarkable Growth in State Support, John C. Hoy, Fall 1986
College Costs Alarm Americans, John MacLean, Spring 1986

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Gender Equity

Mismatch: For New England Women, Earning Lags Learning, Ross Gittell, Allison Churilla and Ann McAdam Griffin, Spring 2005
Boys Club: Women are Moving into New England Leadership Positions, but Slowly, Terri Tenenbaum, Fall 2000
What do Women Want? Equity, Christina L. Baker, Fall 2000
Women Presidents, Jennifer McCauley Logue, Winter 1993
For Women Only? Single-Sex Colleges Weigh the Coed Option, Wendy Lindsay, Winter 1990
Women in Community College Presidencies, B.J. Roche, Fall 1988
Women in Development: Professionalism Brings Competitiveness and Results, Jennifer W. Canizares, Spring 1988

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Next Stop for the Grassroots Movement: Education Policymaking, Dana Mohler-Faria, Spring 2007
Higher Education Reorganization: To Move a Pachyderm, Robert A. Weygand, Spring 2003
A Secretariat for Education and Workforce Development, Robert A. Weygand, Winter 2003
Trustee (Books): Financial Responsibilities of Governing Boards, Jane Sjogren, Summer 2002
Progress Report: Institutional Autonomy and Public Accountability, Eleanor M. McMahon, Fall/Winter 1999
Deregulating Higher Education (Books), Eleanor M. McMahon, Summer 1998
Governance: Lessons for New England, Eleanor M. McMahon, Spring 1998
Institutional Independence and Public Oversight: The New Jersey and Maine Experiments, Eleanor M. McMahon, Spring 1997
Institutional Autonomy and Public Accountability, Eleanor M. McMahon, Spring 1995
Trustee Tasks: Setting the Agenda, Stanley Z. Koplik and John F. Welsh on Public Trustees, James Martin and James E. Samels on Private Trustees, Summer 1994
Examining the Trust in Trustee: Some Boards May Need a Lesson in Ethics, William T. O'Hara, Spring/ Summer 1993

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Higher Education Leaders, Presidents

CC Leader: Community Colleges Go Outside to Fill Key Posts, Barbara Viniar, Summer 2006
Balance Wheel: Presidents Should Use Their Moral Authority to Protect Academe, Stephen J. Nelson, Fall 2004
Bully Pulpit, John O. Harney, Fall 2004
Connecting Thought and Action, Elizabeth Coleman, Fall 2004
Declaring Independence: A New Model for Public Presidents, Robert L. Carothers, Fall 2004
It’s Not About Me: Politics of the Public University President, Richard Pattenaude, Fall 2004
Profiles in Caution: If College Presidents Don’t Ask Questions about War and Civil Liberties, Who Will?, Margaret A. McKenna, Fall 2004
Why New Presidents Can’t Sleep, James Martin and James E. Samels, Fall 2004

Coming Home (Message from the President), Evan S. Dobelle, Spring 2005
Searching Highs and Lows: The Quest for the Best Fit in a College President, Sheri Qualters, Fall 2003
Presidential Material (Books), Joseph M. Cronin, Spring 2003
Yalie (Books), Andrew G. DeRocco, Summer 2003
Eleanor McMahon: Education Pioneer, Robert A. Weygand, Fall 2002
Life of MIT President Howard Wesley Johnson, (Books), David C. Knapp, Spring 1999
Jean Mayer, 1920-1993, Wendy A. Lindsay, Winter 1993
Presidential Turnover, Wendy A. Lindsay, Winter 1992
Three New England Higher Education Commissioners Make History, Ellin Anderson, Summer 1988

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Human Capital, Workforce

Re-engineering Engineering Education, Bernard M. Gordon and Michael B. Silevitch, Summer 2009
Educating All Learners for the New Economy, Cecilia Le and Richard Kazis, Winter 2009
The Future of the Skilled Labor, Alicia C. Sasser, Winter 2009
Why Our Graduates Are Settling In Other States, Philip A. Trostel, Winter 2009
Closing the Gender Gap in Engineering: Viewers Like You, Brigid Sullivan, Summer 2007
Engineering Education Must Get Real, Bernard M. Gordon, Summer 2007
Red Flags in High-Tech, Patricia M. Flynn, Summer 2007
Sparking an Interest in STEM Fields, Mary R. Cathcart, Summer 2007
STEM Sell, Zorica Pantic, Summer 2007
Toward a Federal STEM Policy, James T. Brett, Summer 2007
A Summary of STEM Legislation, James T. Brett, Summer 2006
Opportunity New England: A Plan to Build Regional Success on Innovative Individuals, Kip Bergstrom and Louis Soares, Spring 2006
Attracting Students to Science, George M. Langford, Fall 2005
The Human Development Gap, James P. Comer, M.D. , Fall 2005
Tuition Reimbursement and More (Excerpt), John F. Cassidy, Summer 2004
A Matter of Degrees: How Undergraduate College Completions Shape Labor Supply, Neeta P. Fogg and Paul E. Harrington, Spring 2004
New England's Overlooked Nonprofit Workforce, David Garvey and Stephen Pratt, Fall 2003
Growing Our Own: Human Capital Strategy, John O. Harney, Summer 2003
Imported Talent: Foreign Immigration and the New England Labor Market, Andrew Sum, Mykhaylo Trubs'kyy, Neeta P. Fogg, Summer 2003
Jobbers: New England Campuses Offer Up Some Workforce Development Surprises, James Martin and James E. Samels, Summer 2003
Reform Immigration! , Richard Freeland, Summer 2003
A Critical Condition: Solving New England's Health Care Workforce Crisis, Richard M. Freeland and Paul E. Harrington, Spring 2003
Work Smarts, Life Smarts: How Education's Societal Mission and Business's Human Resource Needs are Converging, Anthony P. Carnevale and Donna M. Desrochers, Winter 2003
Building a Pipeline: One Company's Holistic Approach to College Relations, Joseph Pratt, Winter 2003
Driving Mobility: The Three Labors Facing Two-Year Colleges, Ralph Whitehead Jr. and Robert J. Lacey, Spring 2002
New England's Graduate Education Advantage, Ross Gittell, Spring 2002
Higher Education Advantage: Economic Reality or Wishful Thinking?, Neeta P. Fogg and Paul E. Harrington, Fall 2002
Advantage New England? Ross Gittell and Patricia Flynn, Fall 2000
Labor Shortage Truth Squad, Joan Stoia, Fall 2000
Labor Squeeze, Paul E. Harrington and Neeta P. Fogg, Fall 2000
Working for People with Disabilities, James T. Brett, Fall 2000
Looking for a Few Good Engineers (Excerpt), Patricia M. Flynn, Ross J. Gittell and Norman H. Sedgley, Summer 2000
Making Change: Careers for a Community Service Generation, Steven K. Katona, Fall/Winter 1999
Civic Life in Gray Mountain: Sizing up the Legacy of New England's Blue-Collar Middle Class, Cynthia Mildred Duncan, Summer 1999
Public Assistance and Workforce Development: The Growing Divide, Erika Kates, Spring 1999
Reinventing New England's Response to Workforce Challenges, Cathy E. Minehan, Fall 1998
The Problems and Promises of School-to-Work (Books), Susan W. Martin, Spring 1998
College Grads and the Labor Market (Excerpt), The Education Resources Institute and the Institute for Higher Education Policy, Fall 1997
New England's Workforce Future Has Arrived, Sherry H. Penney, Spring 1997
People and Places: Geography of Workforce Development in New England, Charles S. Colgan, Spring 1997
Retraining and the New England Labor Market, Yolanda K. Kodrzycki, Spring 1997
Finding a Place for Young People in the Knowledge Economy, David B. Keto, Spring 1996
Higher Education and Human Capital, John C. Hoy, Spring 1995
New England Labor Markets: A 40-Year Retrospective, Paul E. Harrington and Andrew M. Sum, Winter 1995
Engineering Education's 21st Century Credo: Adaptability and Competitiveness, Bernard M. Gordon, Spring 1994
What Scientist Shortage?, Kevin Aylesworth, Spring 1994
Decade of Change in New England's Labor Market, Paul E. Harrington and Andrew M. Sum, Spring/Summer 1993
Embedded Knowledge… Embedded Skills, John C. Hoy, Spring/Summer 1993
High-Quality Workers: Our Distinctive Natural Resource, John C. Rennie, Spring/Summer 1993
Higher Education and the Workforce: What Is the Link in the New New Economy?, Ralph Whitehead Jr., Spring/Summer 1993
New England Is Choosing High Skills, Eleanor M. McMahon, Spring/Summer 1993
To Get a Good Job…, Frederick S. Breimyer, Spring/Summer 1993
Work and the Workforce, John O. Harney, Spring/ Summer 1993
High Skills or Low Wages?, Ira C. Magaziner, Winter 1992
Refocusing on Education and Work, John C. Hoy, Winter 1992
Working Smart: New Economy Demands Well-Educated People, Robert Kuttner, Winter 1992
New England's No. 1 Priority: Educating Workers, Christopher J. Dodd, Summer 1990
Workforce Needs World View, John C. Hoy, Summer 1990
Solution for Engineering? (Excerpt), William R. Grogan, Winter 1990
Mapping the Future of Our Workforce, John C. Hoy, Spring 1989
New England's Labor Shortage, John O. Harney, Spring 1989
New Pathway from School to Work, Ernest A. Lynton, Spring 1989
Our Changing Workforce: Crisis or Opportunity?, Michael J. Bennett, Spring 1989
To Produce Leaders, Expand Engineering Education, Alan Daly, Spring 1989
More Engineering Faculty Should be "Made in USA," John C. Hoy, Winter 1989
New England Engineering Programs Highlighted in AAC Report, Fall 1988
Campus Worker Assistance Centers Making a Tough Transition Smoother, Ellin Anderson, Winter 1988
Investing in Human Capital, David C. Knapp, Fall/Winter 1987
Aquaculture, Marine Sciences and Oceanography: A Confluence, Harlyn O. Halvorson, Spring 1998
New England's Marine Economy, Hauke L. Kite-Powell, Spring 1998
Telecommunications: Looking for More than a Few Good Technologists,John H. Dunn, Spring 1998
The Light at the End of the Cable (Excerpt), William A. McEachern, Fall 1996
Where the Job Engine is Revving Up: Employment in Emerging High-Tech Companies, Spring 1994

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DEC'd Out: History of Digital Equipment Corp. (Books), Alan R. Earls, Fall 2003
Ingenuity: Four on New England's Industrial Development (Books), Alan R. Earls, Spring 2003
Entrepreneurs (Books): Teradyne, Alan R. Earls, Summer 2002

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Institutional Planning and Administration

Achieving the Dream: State Policy Changes for Community Colleges, Michael Collins and Lara K. Couturier, Summer 2008
College Becomes U: State University System Would Enable Mass. Public Campuses to Better Serve Mission, Kenneth M. Lemanski, Fall 2007
Warning Lights: New Dashboard Reports Help Institutions Gauge their Performance, Lawrence M. Butler, Spring 2007
Athletic IQ: Matching Students to Intercollegiate Athletics, Bryan E. Carlson, Summer 2006
Smooth Transfer: A Once Mundane Administrative Issue Re-emerges as a Key Tool for Equity, Francesca B. Purcell, Summer 2006
Co-Sourcing Legal Resources, John J. Smith, Winter 2005
The Big Picture: Future of the Public University (Books), Theodora Kalikow, Fall 2003
Learning Organizations: Higher Education Institutions Can Work Smarter Too, James JF Forest, Fall 2002
Best Practices in Higher Education Consortia (Books), Carol Angus, Fall/Winter 1999
Enrollment Management, Meet Competitive Intelligence, David N. Giguere, Summer 1999
Chief Academic Officers Re-emerging (Excerpt), Sandra Elman, Gordon Leversee, James Martin and Barbara Murphy , Spring 1997
Power Play: Energy Deregulation Promises Savings, Robert J. Ciolek, Spring 1997
Amid Competition, Can Universities Cooperate?, Melvin Bernstein, Spring 1996
Middlebury's Plan for Growth: A Case Study, John M. McCardell Jr., Spring 1996
Financial Aid: The Bumpy Road Ahead, William C. Hiss, Spring 1994
Academic Budgeting: In New England, the Old Model Prevails, Spring/Summer 1993
Advice 101: Consulting Firms See Growing Market on New England Campuses, James Martin and James E. Samels, Winter 1992
Colleges Find Revenue in Real Estate, Randal D. Lilly and John F. Weis, Winter 1992
Enrollment Management: Confronting Megatrends, John Maguire, Winter 1992
New Competition on Campus: The Opening of the College Retirement System, Jennifer McCauley Logue, Winter 1991
Small College Entrepreneur: Intuition and Innovation in a Fragile Marketplace, James Martin and James E. Samels, Winter 1991
TIAA-CREF Story: Book Review, Melvin H. Bernstein, Winter 1991
Long View: Strategic Planning on New England Campuses, Judy Reed Smith, George B. Thomas and John F. Coburn, Spring 1990
Future Harmonizes With Past in Best Campus Architecture, Dan Pinck, Summer 1989
Ten Steps for Prudent Management, Joseph Auerbach, Winter 1988

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Academic Culture Shock, Kara A. Godwin, Spring 2009
Campuses Abroad: Next Frontier or Bubble?, Madeleine F. Green, Spring 2009
Extra Step for Study Abroad, Kerala Taylor and Nicholas Fitzhugh, Spring 2009
MOUs: A Kyoto Protocol?, Michael E. Lestz, Spring 2009
Reaching Beyond Elite International Students, Paul Leblanc, Spring 2009
Water of Life, Anthony Zuena, Spring 2009
World-Class Care, Mary L. Fifield, Winter 2008
Microfinanciers in Training, Bonnie L. Orcutt, Fall 2007
Global Student Marketplace, Mary R. Cathcart, Spring 2007
Ambassadors: Students Building Foundations for a more Peaceful World, Nicholas Fitzhugh, Fall 2006
Asia’s Possibilities, Mary R. Cathcart, Fall 2006
Creating Global Citizens Through Study Abroad, Carol Bellamy and Adam Weinberg, Fall 2006
Foreign Exposure, Lee W. Huebner, Fall 2006
Immigrant Education: Don’t Forget the 1.4 Million Global Assets in New England’s Backyard, Marcia Drew Hohn, Fall 2006
An International Strategy, John O. Harney, Fall 2006
A Regional Strategy for Global Success, Evan S. Dobelle, Fall 2006
What the World Needs Now: Cross-National Student Loan Programs, Thomas D. Parker, Fall 2006
Why They Come: New England’s Lure to the International Student, Allan E. Goodman, Fall 2006
World Community: Middlesex CC Infuses Global Initiatives into Core Curriculum and Beyond, Carole A. Cowan, Fall 2006
Profs Without Borders: A Plan to Reconnect American Higher Education
with the World, Michael Lestz, Fall 2005
Thinking Globally, Acting Regionally, Evan S. Dobelle, Fall 2005
Education Mecca Will New England Continue to Attract the World’s Students?, Philip G. Altbach, Spring 2005
World Class: Post–9/11 Restrictions, New Competition Threaten New England’s Foreign Enrollment Leadership, John F. Ebersole, Fall 2004

Middle East Experts: New England Higher Education's Links to the Middle East and Islamic World, Abigail E. Lootens, Spring 2002
New England/Old England: Journal of an Academic Tourist, Cynthia V. L. Ward, Fall 2001
Is Africa the Future of New England? Yes, If We're Ready for It, Nathaniel Bowditch with Kate Pomper, Summer 1999
New England and Africa: The Higher Education Connection, Laura Ghirardini, Summer 1999
Community College of the World, Carole A. Cowan and Frank M. Falcetta, Fall 1996
Exports: The World Buys New England Products (charts), Fall 1996
Foreign Enrollment: Beating a Path (charts), Fall 1996
A Global Connection: Foreign Enrollment, International Education and World Trade, John C. Hoy, Fall 1996
The Global Economy: Where Does New England Fit In?, Richard J. DeKaser, Fall 1996
International Education for a Multipolar World, Claire L. Gaudiani, Fall 1996
Resources: International Trade, Fall 1996
These School Ties Bind Continents, Stephen P. Tocco, Fall 1996
New England Colleges Have a Hand in Building the New South Africa, Maya Ranchod and Jeremy Boraine, Spring 1991
International Internships: The Babson Experience, Robert J. Cunningham, Winter 1991
Letter from South Africa, Margaret Touborg, Spring 1990
EC '92: Strategic Implications for Higher Education, Eleanor M. McMahon, Summer 1990
International Education: Anatomy of a Funding Battle, Lois G. Pines, Spring 1990
Made in New England: Where in the World Are Our Products Going?, Judith A. Beachler and Stephen P. Coelen, Spring 1990
NEBHE Program Seeks More Aid for Black South Africans, Charlotte Stratton, Winter 1990
New England's Global Competitiveness - a Scorecard, Judith A. Beachler, Winter 1990
International Study Programs: A Regional Overview, Richard G. King, Fall 1989
Cautious Optimism about Future of Chinese Programs, John O. Harney, Summer 1989
Are Human Resource Specialists "Internationally Aware"?, Spring 1989
AT&T Sponsors NEBHE Legislative Briefings on International Awareness, Ellin Anderson, Spring 1989
New England's "Trade Deficit" in International Education, Richard G. King, Spring 1989
URI Program to Track Pacific Basin Markets, Edward D. DiPrete, Fall 1988
Exchanging Higher Education Resources, Ikuko Atsumi, Summer 1988
Promoting Global Awareness, Gordon A. Haaland, Summer 1988
International Knowledge is Vital to Economic Success, Sven Groennings, Winter 1988
International Linkages: Higher Education's Role, Lynn E. Browne, Winter 1988
International Space University Takes Off, Goldie Eckl, Winter 1988
Understanding the Competition, Walter J. Connolly Jr., Winter 1988
Slim Chance for South Africa, William T. O'Hara, Winter/Spring 1987
Maine's Canadian Connection, Robert L. Forkey, Spring/Summer 1987
Potpourri of Canadian Studies, Sven Groennings, Spring/Summer 1987
Studying in China: A New Way to Learn Chinese, Wendy A. Lindsay, Spring/Summer 1987
Why More Foreign Acquisitions by College Libraries?, Ellin Anderson, Spring/Summer 1987
Global Studies on Arms Control, Jean Mayer, Winter/ Spring 1987
New England in a World Economy, Sven Groennings, Winter/Spring 1987
NEBHE Scholarships Benefit South Africans, Fall 1986
Education for a Global Economy, John C. Hoy, Fall 1986
Beyond Divestment: The Moral University, Alan Pifer, Summer 1986
Alternative to Turning Our Backs: Scholarships for Non-White Students at South African Universities, Spring 1986

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Interstate Cooperation, Regionalism
(See also NEBHE Regional Student Services)

In Search of New NEBHEs, Neal Peirce and Curtis Johnson, Fall 2005
Regional Resource for R&D, Andrew G. De Rocco, Fall 2005
Six States, One Destiny: Critical Issues in New England’s Economic Development, William Mass and David C. Soule, Fall 2005
A Tall Order for New England, Robert E. Miller, Fall 2005
NEBHE Welcomes President Evan Dobelle, Lou D’Allesandro, Winter 2005
Toward Another Half-Century of Service, David M. Bartley, Winter 2005
Advice for Regionalists, Charles H.W. Foster, Fall 2004
Practicing What We Preach: A Collaborative Strategy, Robert A. Weygand, Summer 2003
Interstate 6: New England's Higher Education Compact Has Stood the Test of Time, Melvin H. Bernstein, Summer 2001
New England Futures: Higher Education Prepares for Change, Eleanor M. McMahon, Winter 2001
Future of New England: New Englanders and Their "Opinion Leaders" Consider a Regional Agenda, John O. Harney, Spring 1999
Governor of New England? Issues Revealed, Tongues in Cheek, the "Campaign" Begins, Spring 1999
Shared Regional Agenda?, Ross Gittell, Spring 1999
State of New England: A Fact Sheet, Spring 1999
State of New England: Editorializing, Spring 1999
New England: State of Mind or Going Concern?, Nate Bowditch, Fall 1998
History Drives Us, James T. Brett, Summer 1998
New Lessons in Regionalism, Neal R. Peirce, Summer 1998
Border Crossing: A Regional Future for New England and Atlantic Canada?, Stephen G. Tomblin, Spring 1997
Is Maine Part of New England Higher Education? No, But You Can Get There from Here, J. Michael Orenduff, Winter 1995
New England's Higher Education Compact, Andrew G. De Rocco, Winter 1995
Bioregionalism: Cooperation for New England to Live By, Charles H.W. Foster, Spring/Summer 1992
Common Economic Destiny, Thomas P. Salmon, Spring/Summer 1992
Educators Need Regional Ties, William J. Farrell, Spring/Summer 1992
Good Sense of Grant Portability, Elwood G. Farber, Spring/Summer 1992
Higher Education and the "State" of New England, Americo W. Petrocelli, Spring/Summer 1992
Incentive to Work Together, Dale F. Nitzschke, Spring/ Summer 1992
Interinstitutional Collaboration, Claire A. Van Ummersen, Spring/Summer 1992
Looking for a Regional Bull Session, Bennett D. Katz, Spring/Summer 1992
New England's Brainpower Compact, Jennifer McCauley Logue, Spring/Summer 1992
One Region Indivisible, John O. Harney, Spring/Summer 1992
Policy of Conscious Regionalism, Edward A. Schwartz, Spring/Summer 1992
Pooling Intellectual Resources, David C. Knapp, Spring/Summer 1992
Recapturing a Regional Sense of Progress, John C. Hoy, Spring/Summer 1992
Regionalism or Parochialism?, Carolyn P. Morwick, Spring/Summer 1992
Sense of Place, Robert L. Woodbury, Spring/Summer 1992
Sowing Cooperation in the Northern Forest, Stephen D. Blackmer, Spring/Summer 1992
Stop the Regional Bickering, Patricia McGovern, Spring/Summer 1992

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Legal Education and Practice

Objection! (Excerpt), Massachusetts School of Law, Summer 1994
Why so Many Lawyers? (Excerpt), Robert C. Clark, Winter 1993
Is the Legal System a Drag on the Economy?, Charles E.M. Kolb, Winter 1992
Bold Recommendation to Keep Lawyers Competent: Will it Pass the Bar?, Ansel B. Chaplin, Spring 1990
Washington Reacts to Law and the Information Society, Winter 1990
Implementing Mandatory CLE in Vermont, Samuel B. Hand, Spring 1989
New England is the Place to Study Law, Spring 1989
Changing Times for Lawyers and Clients, Bruce M. Selya, Winter 1989
How Law Library Design is Meeting the Needs of Today's Legal Education, Maurice N. Finegold, Winter 1989
Is New England Blessed with Too Many Lawyers?, John O. Harney, Winter 1989
Lawyer's Pro Bono Obligation, Lonnie F. Powers, Winter 1989
Legal Aid Crisis in Northern New England, Donna Halvorsen, Winter 1989
Legal Information Resources in New England, Morris L. Cohen, Winter 1989
NEBHE Commission Looks at Legal Education and Practice in New England, Ellin Anderson, Winter 1989
New Hampshire Bar Association Studies Gender Bias, Susan B. Carbon, Winter 1989
Paralegals: Key Players in Law Practice, Quintin Johnstone, Winter 1989
Problem of Transitional Training, Ansel B. Chaplin, Winter 1989
Tragic Shortage of Minority Lawyers, Richard G. Huber, Winter 1989
Licensing Paralegals, Kevin E. Booth, Winter 1988
Why We Need So Many Lawyers, Thomas M. Debevoise, Spring/Summer 1987
NEBHE Study of Lawyers Underway, Thomas Fischer, Winter/Spring 1987
Commission on Law and the Economy Appointed, Thomas Fischer, Spring 1986

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Where Everyone Reads ... and Everyone Counts, Stanley Z. Koplik, Fall 1998
Survey Finds New England Colleges Lacking in Adult Literacy Training Programs, Adele W. Spier and David J. Rosen, Spring 1989
Business, Government and Education Unite for Literacy, Wendy A. Lindsay, Winter 1988
Higher Education Needs Higher Standards, Kenneth Hooker, Winter 1988
IBM PALS Program Teaches the ABCs, Amy Bermar, Winter 1988
Literacy Corps and a Majority of One, Michael J. Bennett, Winter 1988
Literacy, Training and Competitiveness, Paul J. Choquette Jr., Winter 1988
Towards a Literate Workforce, John C. Hoy, Winter 1988
Two-Tier Labor Market, James M. Howell, Winter 1988

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Minorities in Higher Education

Learning While Black: Community Voices on Race, Education and the Boston Public Schools, Denise Patmon, Summer 2007
Inclusive Excellence: UConn Builds Capacity for Diversity and Change, Damon A. Williams, Summer 2006
Close the Latino Education Gap, Marilda L. Gandara, Fall 2005
Coming Together: How a Half Century of Segregation and Desegregation Continues to Shape New England’s Future, Blenda J. Wilson, Fall 2005
Taking Diversity to a Higher Level: Minority Student Success on Campus, Blenda J. Wilson and Jay Sherwin, Spring 2004
Young, Gifted, and Black (Books), Sylvia Quarles Simmons, Summer 2003
Beyond High Standards and High Stakes, We Need Higher Expectations, Blenda J. Wilson and Jay Sherwin, Spring 2003
Does the Cafe Serve Rice and Beans? What colleges need to know about changing demography, Joseph M. Cronin, Fall 2002
Why So Few Minority Faculty and What To Do? Diversifying the Region's Professoriate, Cathy A. Trower, Fall 2002
Diversity Among Equals: Battling Our Past with Affirmative Admissions, Diane L. Saunders, Spring 2002
What Really Makes a Student Qualified for College? How BC Promotes Academic Success for AHANA Students, Donald Brown, Spring 2002
Teaching Diverse Students (Books), Janice Green, Fall 2001
Two on Race and Higher Education (Books), Andrew G. De Rocco, Fall 2000
We Must Represent!, Walter Lech, Fall 1998
Minority Enrollment in New England: Progress amid Threats, John O. Harney, Summer 1997
Enjoying Science, Mario J. Molina, Fall 1996
Equity and Pluralism, JoAnn Moody, Summer 1996
An Affirmative Nudge (Excerpt), William F. Weld, Summer/Fall 1995
And Another [Affirmative Nudge] (Excerpt), Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, Summer/Fall 1995
Equity, Excellence and Affirmative Action, Edgar F. Beckham, Spring 1995
A Tool to Avoid Discrimination, James S. Hoyte, Spring 1995
Minority Participation in New England Higher Education since the Brown Decision, Reginald Wilson, Winter 1995
Ghost of New England's Future: Reversing Declines in Educational Attainment, Stephen P. Coelen and Diane L. Saunders, Summer 1994
Reaching Out at Boston College, JoAnn Moody, Summer 1994
Minority Share of Bachelor's Degrees: Still Dismal, Spring/Summer 1993
Minority Participation in Higher Education: Role-Model Network Offers Hope, Jennifer McCauley Logue, Winter 1992
Opportunity Lost: New England's Fiscal Crisis Reveals Misplaced Priorities, Atron A. Gentry, Carolyn C. Peelle and James M. Wilson III, Summer 1991
New England Student Forum: A Day for Information and Inspiration (photo essay), Winter 1991
What's a Nice Girl from Central High Doing in a Place Like This?, Gayle R. Pemberton, Summer 1990
Enrollment Data Show Mixed Progress for Blacks and Hispanics, Spring 1990
Education and Ethnicity: Reactions and Afterthoughts, Toby E. Huff, Winter 1990
Equity, Pluralism and College Athletics, Gordon A. Martin, Winter 1990
Minorities in Science and Engineering: Looking for a Degree of Progress, Winter 1990
Programs That Spell Opportunity, Brenda Dann-Messier, Winter 1990
States, Campuses Launch Initiatives to Achieve Equity and Pluralism, JoAnn Moody, Winter 1990
Pluralism is Campus Goal for 1990s, JoAnn Moody, Summer 1989
Supreme Court Hands Congress Problem of Minority Access, Michael J. Bennett, Summer 1989
NEBHE Task Force on Black and Hispanic Enrollment Releases Report, Winter 1989
Context for Our Work, Edgar E. Smith, Summer 1988
Fate of Blacks and Hispanics in a Polarized Economy, James M. Wilson III, Summer 1988
Minority Recruitment and Retention at New England Colleges and Universities, Ellin Anderson, Summer 1988
National Scholarship Service and Fund for Negro Students: 1988 Northeast Regional Student-College Interview Sessions, Summer 1988
Race and Higher Education, Franklyn G. Jenifer, Summer 1988
NEBHE Task Force on Minority Student Enrollment and Retention Targets Black and Hispanic Access to Higher Education, Summer 1988
Successful Minority Recruitment at MIT, Clarence G. Williams, Summer 1988
Task Force Carries a Distinct Message, Peter M. Rosa, Summer 1988
Minority Graduation Rates: Concern in a Time of Labor Shortages, Richard G. King, Winter 1988
Task Force Targets Minority Access, Charlotte Stratton, Fall/Winter 1987
Minority Students in New England, Richard G. King, Fall 1986

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Diversifying Academic Knowledge, Esther Kingston-Mann, Fall 2005
Guided by Voices? Conversations with Underrepresented Students, Jamie E. Scurry, Winter 2005
Changing Faces: How the Demographic Revolution Plays Out in New England's Largest Metro Area, Mary Huff Stevenson and Barry Bluestone, Fall 2002
Teaching White Students Black History: The African-American Experience in the Classroom, Leon F. Burrell and Robert L. Walsh, Fall 2001
Teacher Competency Whitewash, Rona F. Flippo and Julie G. Canniff, Fall 2000
Race, Prosperity and the Will to Change, Nathaniel Bowditch, Summer 2000
If I Were a Text (Excerpt), Robert H. Edwards, Summer 1994
Diversity (Excerpt), Andrew G. De Rocco, Winter 1993
The Goal is Social Justice, Reginald Wilson, Summer 1991
Lighten Up! Campuses are Changing Because America is Changing, William G. McLoughlin, Summer 1991
Now Political Correctness Is a Budget Issue, Judith A. Sturnick, Summer 1991
Speech Codes and Diversity Don't Mix, Alan M. Dershowitz, Summer 1991

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Changing Names, John O. Harney, Summer 2007
Mary Cathcart Named NEBHE Chair, Spring 2006
Re-Dedicate New England to Opportunity, Mary R. Cathcart and Lou D’Allesandro, Spring 2006
Fifty Years, John O. Harney, Fall 2005
Fifty Years of Expanding Educational Opportunity, Lou D’Allesandro, Fall 2005
Fifty Years of New England Higher Education and Economic Development: A Timeline, Fall 2005
Going Online: Connection’s Campus Newslink, John O. Harney, Winter 2004
Regionalism and Affordability, John O. Harney, Fall 2003
Regional Druggists, Wendy Lindsay, Winter 2001
2010: An Education Odyssey, Wendy Lindsay and Carolyn Morwick, Summer 2000
Common Market for Higher Education, Kate Hann, Winter 1995
Saving the Earth, Saving Money, Madeleine Mc Garrity, Spring 1991
RSP Reports Record Enrollment for 1989-90… and Record Ink, Charlotte Stratton, Spring 1990
RSP Majors Poised for Hot Fields, Winter 1990
New England Regional Student Program: Thousands of New Englanders Save Tuition Dollars Every Year, Fall 1989
Plastics Engineering, Social Work Attract RSP Grad Students, Kenneth Connolly, Summer 1989
RSP Helps Address Regional Shortage of Pharmacy Graduates, Kenneth Connolly, Spring 1989
Former Students Praise RSP, Kenneth Connolly, Winter 1989
NEBHE Initiates Nova Scotia/New England Student Exchange, Michael Genovese, Winter 1989
Textile Science Program at SMU, Michael Genovese, Summer 1988
RSP Marks 30 Years of Interstate Cooperation, Spring 1988
URI Programs Aid Marine Economy, Pamela Quigley, Winter 1988
New England Governors Endorse RSP, Fall/Winter 1987
UConn's Graduate Program for all New England, Charlotte Stratton, Summer/Fall 1987
New England Students Study in Quebec, Mary D. McGrath, Spring/Summer 1987
Popular Program at UNH, Mary D. McGrath, Spring/Summer 1987
Providing Resources for the Tourism Industry, Charlotte Stratton, Winter/Spring 1987
RSP Update, Summer 1986
RSP Update, Spring 1986

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New Englanders
(See also Higher Education Leaders, Presidents)

Inspiration, John O. Harney, Summer 2009
Excellent New England, Joan Menard, Winter 2009
A Trend Toward Excellence, Mary R. Cathcart, Spring 2007
Granite Staters (Books), John O. Harney, Summer 2001
Weygand Named NEBHE President, Summer 2001
Education of a Governor, Stephen E. Merrill, Spring 1995
Richard G. King, 1922-1990, John C. Hoy, Spring 1990
Legacy of a Long-Distance Runner (Claiborne Pell), Michael J. Bennett, Spring 1988
At Home in the Connecticut House (Irving J. Stolberg), Ellin Anderson, Summer/Fall 1987
Legacy of a Vermont Congressman (Justin Morrill), Michael J. Bennett, Summer/Fall 1987
Foreign Trade Begins with Canada (Ken Curtis), John Chaffee, Spring/Summer 1987
Profiles of New England's Congressional Delegation, Michael J. Bennett, Spring/Summer 1987
Vermont's Education Governor (Madeleine May Kunin), John Chaffee, Winter/Spring 1987
"Education is Our Future" (Paul J. Choquette Jr.), John Chaffee, Fall 1986
Thomas P. Salmon Esq., JoAnn Moody, Summer 1986
Promoting "The New England Mystique" (Rob Trowbridge), Ellin Anderson, Spring 1986

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Foundations and Higher Education: Whose Agenda?, John C. Schneider, Spring 2007
Trends in Education Philanthropy: A Roundtable with Foundation Leaders, Spring 2006
What Gives (Books), David Wagner, Summer 2001
A Reason to Give, Rita Fuerst Adams, Summer 2000
Gates Scholarships: Philanthropy and Access to Higher Education, Jane Sjogren, Fall 2000
New England's Nonprofit Sector Searches for a Regional Voice, Melvin H. Bernstein, Fall 2000
Peanuts: A Critical Look at American Charity (Books), George McCully, Fall 2000
New England Renaissance? Changing the Region's Culture of Philanthropy, George McCully, Fall/Winter 1999
America's Other Sector, (Books), Melvin H. Bernstein, Summer 1999
Public Colleges and Universities Vie for New England's Elusive Philanthropic Dollar, John C. Schneider, Fall 1996
Support Your Local College: Public Institutions Raising Private Funds, Alan R. Earls, Spring 1996
What Do Corporations Want?, Judith S. Eaton, Summer/Fall 1995
Retargeting Corporate Support… Perhaps (Excerpt), Judith S. Eaton, Spring 1995
Philanthropy and Research: Downward Trends, Broader Visions, John C. Schneider, Winter 1993
Development in the '90s: A New Blend of Staff Professionals and Expert Consultants, Barbara W. Snelling, Winter 1992
College Fundraising is a Billion-Dollar Business, John O. Harney, Winter 1989

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Public Policy Research

Surf's Up! A CONNECTION Mini-Directory of World Wide Web Sites (Special Focus on New England's Public Policy Think Tanks), Fall 1997
Think Tanks: A New England Public Policy Collaborative Takes Shape, Laura Christensen, Summer 1997
Campus-Based Policy Institutes Poised to Reinvent New England, Robert L. Woodbury, Summer 1996
Collaboration in Policy Research: Barriers and Opportunities, Steve Ballard, Summer 1996
Heard in the Statehouses?, John J. O'Dea, Summer 1996
Idea Labs: New England's Public Policy Think Tanks, John O. Harney, Summer 1996
Information Drives Policy in Rhode Island, Thomas J. Anton and Eleanor M. McMahon, Summer 1996
Survey Research: Determining the Facts Moves Front and Center, Everett Carll Ladd, Summer 1996
Think Tanks, (Mini-directory), Summer 1996
Public Policy Think Tanks: Reinventing New England?, Charles D. Chieppo, Spring 1996

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R&D, Technology Transfer
(See also Biomedical Research and Technology)

Combining Research, Outreach and Student Learning: A New Model In Rhode Island, Deborah Grossman-Garber, Arthur Gold and Thomas Husband, Summer 2001
Knowledge Applied: Change in R&D Expenditures, 1990-1999, R&D Expenditures by Field, Patents to Universities, 1969-1999 (Tables), Summer 2001
Research for the Community: Bates Students Learn as They Work Magic for Lewiston and Auburn, Donald W. Harward, Summer 2001
Selling Knowledge? R&D Soothsayers and High Priests of Venture Capital Are in the Temple of the Academy, Alan R. Earls, Summer 2001
Targeting Technology: Maine's New Investment in Research and Development, Carol Kontos, Fall/Winter 1999
An Economic Engine Overlooked, James T. Brett, Summer 1999
Will New England R&D Go the Way of Manufacturing?, John O. Harney, Spring 1999
Research & Development (Indicators), Fall 1997
A Technology Underachiever Boosts Its Commitment to Science, Robert M. Kidd, Spring 1996
Misconduct Follies (Excerpt), Daniel S. Greenberg, Summer 1994
Defense Conversion: A Region Disarmed, Thomas P. O'Neill III, Spring/Summer 1993
Lowell Spins a New Success Story, William T. Hogan, Spring/Summer 1993
Regions Don't Live on R&D Alone, Harvey Brooks, Spring/Summer 1993
Economy of the 21st Century: Higher Education's Role, Michael K. Hooker, Winter 1993
Embrace Technology, Think Long-Term, John T. Preston, Winter 1993
Land-Grants: The Public Side of Innovation, Neil R. Wylie, Winter 1993
Massachusetts R&D Tax Credit, Howard P. Foley, Winter 1993
New England R&D: America's Lab May Need to Reinvent Itself, John O. Harney, Winter 1993
New England's Small Businesses Might Be Research Giants, Too, William Fenstemacher, Winter 1993
New England's Jewel is Losing its Luster, John C. Hoy, Winter 1993
Plan to Finance New England's Small Technology Firms, John F. Hodgman, Winter 1993
R&D and New England's Economic Downturn, Bruce L.R. Smith, Winter 1993
Research Collaborations, David Giguere, Winter 1993
Universities Must Make a More Compelling Argument for R&D, Judith I. Bailey, Winter 1993
Pressure from a New Direction: Overhead (The Storm Over Indirect Research Costs), John O. Harney, Summer 1991
New England's Research Economy: Time for a New Model?, Judith A. Beachler, Winter 1991
Scientific Snub for New England, Ian Menzies, Winter 1991
University-based Public Service Centers Could Rescue Manufacturing, Robert McMahon, Winter 1991
Where Complacency Reigns, Paul Choquette Jr., Winter 1990
Land-Grants Look to the Horizon, (Higher Education-Industry Partnerships), Ellin Anderson, Fall/Winter 1987
Politics of University Research Parks, John T. Casteen III, Fall/Winter 1987
Federal, State Funds Fuel Research Growth, Ellin Anderson, Summer/Fall 1987
Rhode Island's Venture Capital Partnership, Linda A. Acciardo, Summer/Fall 1987
Reshaping Academe: The Coming of R&D Consortia, Dan Dimancescu, Summer 1986
Hatching New Technology-Based Corporations, JoAnn Moody, Spring 1986

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Student Affairs

Insecure?, Alyssa Franzosa, Winter 2009
Youthful Indiscretions, Dana L. Fleming, Winter 2008
Credit Card Caution, Timothy P. Cahill, Fall 2007
Pushing Plastic: Credit Cards on Campus, John H. Humphrey, Summer 2007
Short Shrift for Staffing Student Support, John K. Fisher and Joanne R. Wolfertz, Winter 2006
Dorm Warning (Books), Judith B. Greiman, Summer 2005
Unstable Future, John O. Harney, Summer 2004
Campus Buzz: How Alcohol Impairs America’s Judgment of Higher Education, Brandon Busteed, Summer 2004
Emotional Rescue: New Generation of Troubled Students Strains College Services, Sandra Featherman, Summer 2004
Predators: Uncomfortable Truths about Campus Rapists, David Lisak, 2004

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Student Financial Aid, Loans
(See also Financing Higher Education)

Debt-for-Diploma System, Tamara Draut, Winter 2009
Student Loan Availability: Disaster Averted, but Worries Remain, Michael K. Thomas, Fall 2008
Debt Relief, Evan S. Dobelle, Fall 2007
As Student Debt Increases, Colleges Owe More in Performance, Bridget Terry Long and Dana Ansel, Spring 2007
Student Debt: Earnings Premium or Opportunity Cost?, Chuck O’Toole, Summer 2006
Loan Rangers: Higher Education’s Indebted Future, Thomas D. Parker, Spring 2005
All Net: A Meaningful Way to Look at College Prices, Sandy Baum, Spring 2004
Earn, Learn — Serve? Abbey Marzick, Fall 2003
Aid Matters: Merit Aid is the Wrong Tool to Attract the Best and the Brightest, Donald E. Heller, Summer 2003
How Washington Can Serve the Student Borrower, Paul Combe, Spring 2002
Dollars ... and More Dollars ... for Scholars, David Duncan, Summer 2000
Equity for Student Borrowers, Jane Sjogren, Fall 1998
Indebted Students (Books), Susan W. Martin, Summer 1998
Need-Based Student Aid: Under Siege, Philip G. Wick, Spring 1998
Student Financial Aid (Indicators), Fall 1997
College Opportunity (Excerpt), Lawrence E. Gladieux, Fall 1996
Needy in Connecticut (Excerpt), Connecticut Department of Higher Education, Fall 1996
Higher Education Financing: The Broken Partnership, Diane L. Saunders, Summer 1996
Crusade for Rhode Island's Future, Americo W. Petrocelli, Winter 1995
Student Borrowing: Necessary Evil?, Daniel S. Cheever Jr., Winter 1995
The Federal Student-Aid Dollar in New England, Terry W. Hartle and Jeff Dolven, Summer 1991
Student Aid at the Grassroots: The Dollars for Scholars Network, Stephen M. Pratt, Spring 1991
Why New England Must Track the Higher Education Act, John C. Hoy, Spring 1991
Reviewing Reauthorization of the Higher Education Act, Terry W. Hartle, Winter 1991
Ending the Student Loan Scam, Chester G. Atkins, Summer 1990
Footing the Bill: A Forum on Student Aid in New England, Summer 1990
Reducing Reliance on Loans in a Time of Federal Budget Restraints, James M. Jeffords, Summer 1990
Student Financial Aid: An Investment in our Future, Joe Moakley, Summer 1990
College Assistance through Military Service, Patricia Stanton, Fall 1988
New Loan Program in Maine, Richard H. Pierce, Fall 1988
State-Based College Payment Plans, Ellin Anderson, Fall 1988
Foreign Financing Benefits Student Loan Programs, Lawrence W. O'Toole, Spring 1988
"User-Friendly" Tuition Savings Plan, Eleanor M. McMahon, Spring 1988
Regional Forum on Defaults, Winter 1988
Whose Default is It?, Jake Baldwin, Winter 1988
Facts About Student Borrowing, Ellin Anderson, Fall/Winter 1987
Student Aid Programs Threatened, John C. Hoy, Winter/Spring 1987
Student Indebtedness: Higher Education's Dilemma, Joseph M. Cronin and Sylvia O. Simmons, Summer 1986
Student Indebtedness: Presidential Assessments, James M. Ryan, Summer 1986
Limits of Loans, Frank Newman, Summer 1986
Financing the Future of Higher Education, Lawrence W. O'Toole, Spring 1986

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Student Migration

Plumbing Connecticut’s Brain Drain (Excerpts), Steven P. Lanza, Summer 2005
Smart Routes: Migration Patterns among New England's College Freshmen, Michael K. Thomas, Summer 2003
Brain Gain: New Hampshire Looks to Grow its Own Talent, Ross Gittell, Brian Gottlob and Stephen Reno, Fall 2001
Talent Flows: Student Migration in New England, Joseph Zikmund II and Thomas D. Ringenberg, Spring 1997

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Teachers, Teaching

Educators Without Borders: Addressing New England’s Teacher Shortages, R. Clarke Fowler, Summer 2009
Needed in School Teaching: A Few Good Men, Valora Washington, Spring 2009
Problem-Based Learning, Nicholas C. Massa, Winter 2008
Choosing to Be a Good Teacher: A Boston Teacher Calls for Expanded Professional Development, Debby Saintil, Fall 2001
Gathering Faculties: The Old Divide Was between K-12 and Higher Education, the New One Is between Education and Liberal Arts Faculty, Nancy Carriuolo, Fall 2001
North Stars: Teacher Apprenticeship Program Addresses Critical Shortage of Educators in New Hampshire's North Country, Dennise M. Bartelo, Fall 2001
There Is No Shortage of Teachers, Just Skilled Teachers, Richard M. Freeland, Fall 2001
Who Will Prepare Tomorrow's Quality Teachers?, Margaret A. McKenna, Fall 2001
Calling Minority Teachers, Eleanor M. McMahon, Summer 2001
Teachers Needed, Eleanor M. McMahon, Spring 1999
Mann and the Woman Teacher (Books), John O. Harney, Spring 1998
Encouraging the Teacher Track, Ronald K. Machtley, Summer 1990
Teacher Shortage Looms in Northern New England, Ellin Anderson, Fall 1986

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Infrastructure: Looking for a Higher Authority (Excerpt), James P. RePass, Fall 1997
Ticket to Ride: Campuses Look to Forge Public Transit Links, Alan R. Earls, Summer 1997
Transportation Resources, Summer 1997
Regionalism: All Aboard, James P. RePass, Spring/ Summer 1993

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Trends in Higher Education

Why the Student Experience Matters, Melissa Withers, Fall 2009

Learning to Eat in the Dining Commons, Kenneth Cardone, Summer 2009

Double-Teamed: Preparing Student Athletes, Suzanne R. Coffey, Summer 2009
The Community’s Colleges, Joan Menard, Spring 2009
Spring in Our Step, John O. Harney, Spring 2009

Trends & Indicators in Higher Education, 2009, Spring 2009
Back with a Crash, John O. Harney, Winter 2009
Trends & Indicators in Higher Education, 2008, Spring 2008
When Less Is More: The Role of Small (Really Small) Colleges in Today's Educational Marketplace, Karen Gross, Summer 2008
Hitting Home: New Postsecondary Realities for New England - and the Nation, Travis Reindl, Spring 2008
Why Is Student-Level P-20 Data Sharing Important?, Nancy J. Smith, Spring 2008
Where Do We Go From Here?, Jamie P. Merisotis, Spring 2008
Talking About a Revolution: Looking to the Past to Save Our Future, Charles Desmond and Elizabeth Goldman, Spring 2008
Yes, a Catholic College Can Exist, James F. Keenan, S.J., Winter 2008
Behind the News: Tough Challenges, Mary R. Cathcart, Fall 2007
Can a Catholic College Exist Today? Challenges to Religious Identity in the Midst of Pluralism, Francesco C. Cesareo, Fall 2007
College and the Campaign Trail (Excerpts), Fall 2007
Support the Troops … with Education, John O. Harney, Fall 2007
The Big Picture College, Jamie E. Scurry And Dennis Littky, Summer 2007
CONNECTION’s Trends & Indicators in Higher Education, 2007, Spring 2007
Educational Malpractice? Higher Ed May Be Courting Trouble, Robert B. Smith and Dana L. Fleming, Spring 2007
Bok’s Book (Books), Joseph M. Cronin, Summer 2006
Thank You, Gadflies, John O. Harney, Summer 2006
CONNECTION’s Trends & Indicators in Higher Education, 2006, Spring 2006
The Flood of History: CONNECTION Interviews Historian Douglas Brinkley, Spring 2006
Higher Education Trends and Opportunities, Joseph M. Cronin, Spring 2006
Seeking New Measures of Higher Education’s Health, Evan S. Dobelle, Spring 2006
Trendspotting, John O. Harney, Spring 2006
Fix Higher Education … Before It Breaks! Challenges and Opportunities for New England, Kevin B. Sullivan, Winter 2006
The Fifties … Fifty Years Later: Connection Interviews David Halberstam on a Half Century of Change, Fall 2005
Hardening Class Lines: The Erosion of the Social Contract in Higher Education, Robert L. Woodbury, Fall 2005
Called: A Lay Leader Looks at Catholic Higher Education, James Mullen, Summer 2005
861,625, John O. Harney, Spring 2005
CONNECTION’s Trends & Indicators in Higher Education, 2005, Spring 2005
Hot Commodity (Books), Sharon Singleton, Winter 2005
To Market … (Books), Jane Sjogren, Summer 2004
CONNECTION’s Trends & Indicators in Higher Education, 2004, Spring 2004
Troubles (Books), Joseph M. Cronin, Spring 2004
CONNECTION’s Trends & Indicators in Higher Education, 2003, Spring 2003
How to Make Your College No. 1 in U.S. News & World Report—and Lose Your Integrity in the Process, Robert L. Woodbury, Spring 2003
Now and Then: Higher Education Trends, John O. Harney, Spring 2003
It's Not Just the Economy: Higher Education Can Also End the Recession in Our -Democracy, William M. Bulger, Winter 2003
Chicanery: Crisis on Campus: Confronting Academic Misconduct by Wilfried Decoo, Andrew G. De Rocco, Fall 2002
Corporatized (Books): The Rise of the For-Profit, Andrew G. De Rocco, Summer 2002
Save the Humanities: Why a Traditional Liberal Education Still Makes Sense, John C. Schneider and Sherry A. Darling, Summer 2002
CONNECTION’s Trends & Indicators in Higher Education, 2002, Spring 2002
A Good Defense: In Defense of American Higher Education by Philip G. Altbach, Patricia J. Gumport and D. Bruce Johnstone Eds., Andrew G. De Rocco, Spring 2002
New England's Higher Education Reputation Is in Jeopardy, Frank Newman and Jamie E. Scurry, Spring 2002
Terror: Is the Campus Changed Forever?, Alan R. Earls, Spring 2002
The Challenge of Innovation: A Call for Risk-Taking in Academia, Paul LeBlanc and Clayton Christensen, Summer 2001
Putting on the Glitz, Clifford Adelman, Winter 2001
Matter of Degrees: Academic Degrees by Level, New England vs. the United States, Summer 2001
Charter Colleges, Pioneer Institute, Summer 2000
A Civic Action (Books), Joseph M. Cronin, Summer 2000
Look What's Happening Out in the Streets, Mark Maguire, Summer 2000
And Away we Go: Campus Visits (Books), Susan W. Martin, Fall 1998
Moments of Meaning: Religious Pluralism, Spirituality and Higher Education, Victor H. Kazanjian Jr., Fall 1998
College Finance, the Year in Pictures, Cutting Academic Programs and Minority Enrollment (Excerpts), John O. Harney, Spring 1998
The Condition of New England Higher Education: Leading Indicators (Enrollment, State Support, Giving to Higher Education, Student Financial Aid, R&D, Library Holdings), John O. Harney, Fall 1997
Listening to the Leopard (Excerpt), Andrew G. De Rocco, Spring 1996
The Rich Get Richer (Excerpt), Thomas G. Mortenson, Spring 1996
Future of New England Higher Education, (Roundtable) Elizabeth Coleman, Booker T. DeVaughn, Michael S. Dukakis, William J. Farrell, Bennett Katz, Stanley Z. Koplik, Richard A. Licht, John McKernan and J. Alvin Wakefield, Spring 1995
Predictions (Excerpt), Franklin M. Loew, Spring 1995
Business and Liberal Arts (Excerpt), Shirley Strum Kenny, Summer 1994
Higher Education's Leaner Future (Excerpt), Adam Yarmolinsky, Spring 1994
National Renewal (Excerpt), Stephen W. Bosworth, Spring 1994
Pressing Demands: The Future of University Publishing, Julie Lanza, Spring 1994
Rewarding Faculty Who Teach, Susan A. Holton, Spring 1994
Year 2000 (Excerpt), Sherry H. Penney, Spring 1994
G.I. Bill at 50 (Excerpt), Michael J. Bennett, Spring/ Summer 1993
It's Primary Care, Stupid! Health Care Reform's Message to Medical Schools, Neil Rolde, Spring/Summer 1993
Poetry as Thoroughbred (Excerpt), James Lichtenberg, Spring/Summer 1993
Dangers and Opportunities (Excerpt), Robert H. Atwell, Winter 1993
Higher Education's Identity Crisis, Richard A. Miller, Winter 1993
A Yen for New England: Japanese Investment in Higher Education, Wendy A. Lindsay, Spring/Summer 1992
Crunch Time for Higher Education: In the Face of Adversity, Prescriptions for Change, Robert Wood, Winter 1992
Higher Education's Challenges (Excerpt), Eleanor M. McMahon, Summer 1991
Level the Playing Field (Excerpt), William M. Chace, Summer 1991
A Next Step for Community College Students, Piedad Robertson, Spring 1991
Summer Schools: Good Service and Good Business, Bonnie J. Newman, Spring 1991
Corporate Culture and the Liberal Arts, Sandra E. Elman, Spring 1990
Bok Answers Higher Education's Critics (Excerpt), Derek Bok, Spring 1990
Hot Specialty: The Ability to Think, Kenneth Hooker, Spring 1990
"Colleges Are Businesses" and Other Metaphors, Richard G. King, Winter 1990
Time for New Century's Resolutions: But Will We Pass the Vision Test Our Ancestors Failed?, Rushworth M.. Kidder, Winter 1990
Continuing Education: Adults Hit the Books, John O. Harney, Summer 1989
Cooperative Education Sparks "Quiet Revolution," Kenneth G. Ryder, Summer 1989
New England's Community Colleges Come of Age, Ellin Anderson, Summer 1989
Independent College Counselors Flourishing, John O. Harney, Fall 1988
Outlook is Promising for New England College Graduates, Fall 1988
Tattooed Youth: The Testing Syndrome, Fall 1988
Massachusetts' Higher Education Information Center, Alison Hiteman, Summer 1988
New England Educational Insurance Association, Kathie Burns, Summer 1988
Equine Programs Geared Toward Growth of Regional Horse Industry, Wendy A. Lindsay, Spring 1988
New Career Preferences for Liberal Arts Graduates, Barbara-Jan Wilson, Winter 1988
Military School Pioneers Peace Corps Program, Ken Bush, Fall/Winter 1987
Land-Grant Institutions Sometimes Hindered by State Policies, Summer/Fall 1987
Making Money on College Services, B. J. Roche, Summer/Fall 1987
Region's Graduate Institutes, Amy Bermar, Summer/ Fall 1987
Chancellors View Priorities, Issues, Fall 1986
College Counseling Offered to Employees at Boston Globe, Richard Gulla, Fall 1986
Future of Campus Computerization: Humanists and Social Scientists May Hold the Key, William O. Beeman, Summer 1986
Nontraditional Students: A Proven Regional Model at Smith College, Mary Callahan, Summer 1986

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